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Agency Touchpoint August 2012: Content Marketing Strategy

https://www.zerys.com/solutions/zerys-for-agencies/content-agency-blog/bid/85938/agency-touchpoint-august-2012-content-marketing-strategyOnly the most dedicated athletes make it to the Olympics. Countless hours of training, and attention to detail, drive those with natural talent to medal-winning performances.

When it comes to delivering content services for your agency, the finish line is far beyond the publishing point (and starts well before you start writing).

To produce the quality content that helps drive your clients’ businesses, your strategy must include the understanding and application of search engine optimization (SEO), and robust distribution plans through social media, PR and other digital channels.

Below is a collection of articles with personal perspectives, trends and best practices in social media and SEO

You be the judge to see what can best support your integrated content approach, and build long-term success for your clients.

The Death of SEO: The Rise of Social, PR, and Real Content

Ken Krogue (@kenkrogue) of Forbes makes sense of Google’s new algorithm: Penguin. He explains the importance of content, weaved with social media shares. To Google, social shares signify the overall quality of a post, and results in higher rankings. In order to climb the search engine results, it’s crucial to publish great content and develop a captivating social media presence.

When it comes to content Krogue advises, “Take the time to make it so compelling that people talk about it and share it.” Visit the full post to further understand Google’s new ranking style.

How Search and Online Reputation Management Impacts Your Brand

Anindita Debnath discusses the intersection of SEO and ORM (Online Reputation Management) on Jeff Bullas’ blog (@jeffbullas). These two interrelated practices revolve around content marketing. Reputation, search and content have an intimate relationship, and consequently, the new Google updates cater to quality, original content.

The author notes that good content is key to building a brand name that ranks high in the search engines, and earns a positive brand reputation.

7 Habits of Highly Effective SEO

Mark Jackson (@MarkJackson), CEO of Vizion Interactive, relates effective SEO habits to Stephen Covey’s book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” in his article on Search Engine Watch.

When preparing an SEO strategy, Jackson suggests first focusing on your agency’s brand presence. It’s also important to establish your end goal, or what you aim to achieve from your efforts. He also advises synergizing SEO with other elements of your overall content strategy. Visit the full post for four other highly effective habits.

Integrated Marketing: Think Holistically About PR, Search, Social and Content

Marketing Agency Insider examines the integrated nature of marketing in a guest post from Matt Gratt (@mattgratt). Gratt discusses the blurred relationship between search, social, PR and content. They are no longer separate entities. Agencies must integrate their strategies to create “hybrid models” if they want to stay ahead of the competition. This change has a pivotal impact on daily agency management. Gratt discusses the impact in detail in the full post.

3 Ways To Use Social Media To Improve Your Search Rankings

This article, from Social Media Examiner, highlights the importance of a social media presence in conjunction with search engine optimization. Article author AJ Kumar (@ajkumar) recommends three ways to improve your agency brand using social media.

He suggests that social media is a prime location to brainstorm content ideas, link back to your own pages and build your reputation as a “niche thought leader.” Visit the full post to learn how to put these tips into action. 

Why Content Is The Long-Term Marketing Solution

The Zerys For Agencies blog delves into the nature of quality links in a recent post by Susan Davis. Natural links (the best kind) will come with the right quantity and quality of website content. These links will attract social media attention and other traffic sources.

So, before you can garner high traffic numbers, your agency must produce captivating content. Visit the full post for more information on building quality links to improve your search engine rankings.

Eating From the Social Media ROI Cookbook

From Social Media Today, Keith Paul (@kemipa) explains several tactics, compiled by the Altimeter Group, for measuring social ROI. There are two approaches: top-down and bottom-up. The first focuses on consumer engagement, and how to generate influence and thought leadership. The bottom-up approach digs into the impact of company content and brand messaging.

Combined, this serves as an efficient method to know how well your audience is responding to your social messages. Visit the full article to view the Altimeter The Social Media ROI Cookbook in its entirety.

Graphic of the Month:

Just How Interested Is The World In SEO? [Infographic]

This infographic, posted by Samantha Murphy (@MurphySamanthaJ) on Mashable, uncovers the growing popularity of SEO online.

9.1 million internet users are interested in SEO every month.

View the Blue Caribu Infographic in its entirety for more shocking SEO statistics.

If there are any important articles that we’ve missed, please share in our comments.

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