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5 Ways To Cross-Promote SEO Content

Cross-promotion is a crucial piece of good SEO content marketing. It is an important step in any content marketing strategy, but is misunderstood or taken for granted by far too many online businesses.

Definitions of cross-promotion lend to the misunderstanding because they are so vague and unrefined. To fully grasp the importance of this type of online marketing, you need to see it in action or demonstrated by an example.

With this in mind, I will turn to an example from the sports world, which is what I know almost as well as I know SEO content strategies.

So, here are five ways for your clients to promote their SEO content, using a sports website as the example:

1. Separate Each Product with a New Page or Blog

When you think about SEO content, remember that each page on your site can be (and needs to be) optimized.

If you were to start a sports website about NFL football, you would not be able to optimize the name of every team on your home page. There are just too many words to optimize all of these terms so you would want to divide your site so that all the pages could be optimized. Perhaps, a separate page for each team or something like that.

If you have a page for each team, you could optimize the team name on each page along with one or two prominent players from that team. This will also allow you to promote products like jerseys, hats and tickets for that specific team, which will bring targeted traffic to your store pages.

2. Time the Release of Your Content Correctly

You must also understand the trending topics in order to post your content at the most optimal times.

This off-season, the Philadelphia Eagles made a big splash by signing several big-name free agents to large contracts. Because of that, the term, "Eagles" was a trending topic on sites all over the web.

Seeing that, you could offer a big sale on Eagles jerseys and memorabilia at that time. This would get external sites to link to your sale pages. The external sites gain recognition by sharing a good sale price with their viewers and you get the traffic, the sale and a new group of viewers who are potentially regular customers.

3. Make It Easily Shareable

Social media is the best advertising you can have because it has the personal touch of Word of Mouth advertising, along with the ability to spread exponentially.

Social networks make it easier than ever for people with specific interest to share information with each other. For sports, open-source blogs and forums allow fans to post news about their favorite teams so dozens (or even hundreds) of additional people will also see the info.

Make sure to have quality content people will want to share with their networks. Also, adding buttons for one-click sharing will make it even easier for your viewers to spread the word.

4. Build Relationships with Influential Bloggers

If you want to make find an even more productive source of traffic, contact established bloggers.

For example, your sports website may offer a top Philadelphia blogger a free jersey to mention your website's sale on Eagles clothing. Make sure not to exploit the blogger because these people are often involved because they love what they do. It's not about the money but they will almost always participate in a mutually beneficial partnership, like a link exchange agreement.

5. Invest in Online Advertisements

This one goes without saying. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

Even if you do all of the above well, you will probably need a little extra boost to place your site ahead of the competitors. SEO content advertising with proven websites in your field provides highly-rated links. This raises your rating and helps you cross promote your other products since your site is now visible on search engines.

The moral of the story is: "a strong content marketing campaign is a critical component to any SEO and web marketing plan." It starts with quality in-house content, but your clients will need help from outside sources. Remember that Google puts priority on the number of high-quality links both to and from your site. If you want to be seen, you need to help others be seen.

These cross-promotion strategies are not easy to master, but your clients' hard work will pay off if they stick with a good SEO content plan.

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