SEO Content Marketing: Supercharge It

    One in six Google searches have never been seen before. This means that your clients need to supercharge their SEO content marketing campaigns with relevant information that showcase their brand, organization, product and services. You need to tie all the elements together in a strong marketing endeavor that keeps your clients' current customers in the fold and attracts new ones.

    SEO and Content Go Hand-In-Hand

    Interesting and relevant content by itself is just not enough. The information has to be found. For best results, content marketing and SEO need to coexist well. There are many ways to tie these two together. Merging them in an effective manner will positively impact the bottom line.

    Tips for Supercharging SEO Content Marketing

    Following are some concrete actions you can take to make sure your clients' content is more powerful and more effective:


    In a word you have to understand followers' wants and needs. You have to push the right buttons to get them to do business with you. Without knowing what your customers want you will never create the content that they seek. The best way to understand your customers is to listen to what they tell you and to develop personas for typical followers. Get to know what your clients want.


    In any discussion of SEO, keywords come into play. It's not rocket science but you have to tailor your content to the topics that your customers seek out and want to share. There are many tools you can use to see what keywords are trending, such as the Google Keyword Tool, but keep in mind algorithms constantly change and some data may be hidden. Study the words your customers use when they engage with you. Those are great keywords. Keywords are essential for relevant content creation.


    You are not just creating content that search engines can find. Those days are long gone. In today's world you need to engage your audience. Getting personal with your followers is the best way to build your brand. Tell your story. People love stories. And go beyond just words. Use pictures and video to get your message across. Customers love to hear your story but they want to see it also. Give them several ways to read and view your content and followers will really get engaged with you and your brand.

    Be unique

    There is only one of you, your brand, your company. Make sure you make all of them as exclusive as possible. Create and develop your logo. You want to make it instantly recognizable to everyone. Do the same with the font you use in your business. Think Disney here. You immediately recognize their font. Color is important also. Avoid stock photography when you use images. People can see right through that. Take your own or get professional help but show you, your people, your building. Make sure people associate your brand with being unique to you.

    Format your content

    People are busy in today's fast-paced world. They don't have time to sit and read stuff they are not interested in. Lure them in with proper formatting for your content. Blogs and articles should be at least 500 words long to convey meaning but not so long that people get bored reading them, say 1000 words. Headlines are so very important. Many people don't get past them. Create them so they generate attention. Use bold letters and bullet points to make your content easier to read. The proper formatting of content draws people to it.

    Social media is a must

    This probably sounds like a broken record to you. You must incorporate social media into any SEO content marketing campaign for it to be effective. That's just the way the world works today. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other smaller sites can help spread your content far and wide. Make sure people can share your content. And share other content that might be of interest to your followers.

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    Your SEO Marketing Campaign - Give it Some Kick

    You know you have to market your clients' businesses online in today's business climate. In doing so make sure their marketing campaigns have some kick to them.

    Using the concrete tips listed above you should be able to take your clients' SEO marketing campaign to the next level. You can set them apart from their competitors and set yourself up to be a huge success. Take steps to do it now!

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