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Today's Content Marketing: Innovate To Succeed

Content marketing is a must in today's business world. There is no substitute for the kind of quality online information that builds your client's brand. Content comes in many forms, though. It's up to you to find cutting-edge and innovative ways to set your client's business apart from other companies. Standing out from the crowd is the name of the game in today's digital marketing world.

Don't use the same plan as everyone else

It seems that many businesses use the same blueprint to market their company. This cookie-cutter approach might get you some business but for your company to really shine in its marketing campaign you have to set yourself apart from your competition. There are some content marketing tips that you can use to get your clients noticed.

Content marketing tips - Set yourself apart

There are many innovative ways to market your client's brand. Be inventive in your marketing approach! This may require some intensive brainstorming and strategy sessions but it will pay off in the long run. Here are a few ideas for forward thinking in marketing your client's business:

Less is often better

You need to provide information on all good and services in your marketing information. Make it orderly and organized, and consider the power of concise yet powerful content. Give readers small helpings--bite-sized nuggets of quality content such as short blog posts, tweets and links on social media. Let them digest what you provide little by little.

Stories, not press releases

You probably use press releases to get information out especially about new products and services. But you know what? ... so does everyone else. This format does not really build any excitement. Use press releases for announcements, and get creative with the rest. Tell a story about the launch of a new product or service. Give some information, in the form of a story, on what made your firm decide to provide a new line of business. This will capture people's interest.

Build a paid membership site

This can turn into a profitable business all by itself. Give your followers the option to pay for being a member of a site that is devoted to insider tips and information. Your regular site can be for anyone to see and gather general information about your products, services and industry news in general. Your paid site gives followers more detailed content that allows them to understand your client's brand better.

Blog a book

Or is that "book a blog"? Take your best blog posts and compile them into a book. This can be a physical book or an eBook, or both. Make your book available on your website and in your store, along with having it on Amazon and other booksellers, even brick-and-mortar retailers, such as Barnes and Noble.

Everything you do online is content

One of the best content marketing tips you need to remember is that all you do online is content. When you make comments or engage others online in forums, with guest blogs or in any other manner, this is still content. Make it interesting, relevant and meaningful. Always link back to your site so people can follow.

Have a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section on the site

In the course of operating your business and website you are going to get questions. Compile these questions and make a FAQ section on the website. Chances are, if one person had a particular question other's will have it also. This is valuable content for everyone.

It doesn't all have to be online

You can use some more traditional marketing to enhance your online information. Send some of your best customers a plain photocopy of some relevant information on your products and services. Don't use four-color, glossy paper for this. That makes your information look like an ad. A plain bit of paper looks like valuable insider information.

The tips listed above can give your clients a leg up on the competition. Be innovative in your approach to online marketing and you can set them apart from everyone else. They'll become the go-to source for help and information in their niche, the forward-thinkers consumers look to for answers.

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