Turn The Blog Into An SEO Machine

    Search engine optimization, or SEO, is still the big buzzword around the blogosphere. Your clients have likely heard it but may not know how to incorporate good SEO content into their blogging strategy.

    The blog is a key element of any Internet marketing success. Making the most of it will drive visitors to your client's website and increase their readership.

    Why is the blog so important?

    Updating a blog regularly and posting relevant and interesting content is the way for search engines to find your clients.

    Many websites have blogs that are not updated often, or have no blogs at all. These sites generally rank low for SEO as their content is too static and/or outdated for the search engines to consider relevant.

    There are several reasons why you should use blog content for posting SEO content:

    • It gives you the chance to highlight your experience in your industry. People will see you as an expert and use your website for information.
    • You can connect with customers easily with your blog. Your interaction with visitors to your website will show people you care about their concerns. When they have questions, concerns and issues you will be the go-to person they will get their information from.
    • Getting personal with followers is easy with your blog. Telling stories, relating personal anecdotes and just sharing your story with everyone will keep them coming back for more. You will be seen as a person and not just a job title.

    Make your client's blog an SEO machine

    Following are a few tips to make a blog a magnet for people looking for industry information:

    Keyword search

    Certain words excite search engines more than others. When you come up with a good blog topic see what popular keywords match your topic. Determine which keyword or keywords to use, remembering the highest ranked ones may increase competition for your blog.

    Blog length

    While there is no ideal length for a blog entry there are some guidelines to consider.  A good figure would be between 500-750 words. This makes your post long enough to not miss anything but not too long to bore your readers.

    Title is key

    Make sure your title contains your keyword or your main thought. A fancy title that is witty and unique might be fun to think up, but keep in mind that anything misleading i.e. not matching the content, or so cute that it loses its meaning, will put readers off. Titles have to catch the attention of the search engines. Use keywords freely here.

    Justify your text

    Neat margins make your blog easier to read. You should justify the words so that they look neat on both ends of the line.

    Visual content helps a lot

    Don't just have text on your blog. Use visual content to attract and hold readers. Photos, videos, animations and infographics all add interest to your entries. Readers want to do more than just read text. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth?

    Use social media

    Social media has basically transformed the way many people use the Internet. Make good use of sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to get the word out. Each time you post a blog entry make sure your followers on social media sites get wind of it. Use them to help you spread your word.

    Post often

    There are no hard and fast rules about how often to post. You will get a good feel for how often to do so as you write and interact with your followers. Post too often and you become a nuisance. If you don't post often enough people tend to forget about you. More is generally better.

    Quality SEO content is vital

    Even if you follow all the right rules and guidelines for blogging, quality content is essential. Relevant and timely information win the day every time. Keep your followers coming back for more with great content.

    The SEO machine

    If your clients have a website with a blog, you need to use that blog to its full advantage. Valuable SEO content will position your client as an expert in their field and keep readers coming back time and again.

    Turn the blog into an SEO machine and turn your client's business into a huge success.

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