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5 Simple Cures For Boring Content

It's a fact: the world is drowning in content. Blog content, social media content, website content, emails, RSS feeds, posts, comments, blurbs, tweets.

You have to ask your clients:  When you contribute to the Amazonian current of content, do you give people something to latch onto? A trusty nugget of witty prose that will lift their spirits and give them ample food for thought?  A lifeline to useful information?  Or does your content sink right to the bottom because it's boring, rehashed, and dull?

If their content is putting readers to sleep, try these 5 simple cures. Their content (and profitability) will rise to the top in no time.

Interview an Interesting Person

From time to time, include an interview on your blog or website. Don't interview just anyone. While Joe from Accounting is a thoroughly decent human being, he's not the most interesting guy around. Find someone who can tackle your industry from a new angle. Maybe there's a local celebrity who has endorsed your products in the past, or maybe you can find a customer who has overcome a serious problem. Interviews bring a human interest angle to your products or services that will bring readers to your site. Additionally, the interviewee will probably promote your blog post, bringing even more readers to your site.

Write Like You Talk

Forget ninth grade English class. It's okay now to write like you talk, including italics for when you really want to make a good point. When you write like you talk, your readers feel like they know you. And when they know you they can more quickly feel like they trust you. If you're uncomfortable writing like you talk, practice. Write a little each day, maybe in a journal or planner, until you feel like you can sit down and "talk" to your readers through your words on a screen.

Be Funny

Maybe you feel that you can't produce un-boring content because your topic is just plain boring. I have news for you. Even marketing databases and duct cleaning can be great topics when you infuse them with a warm sense of humor. You can still be taken seriously even when you use a little humor in your content, and your readers will definitely appreciate the break from all the dull content around them. Crack a few jokes, draw upon funny pop culture references, and incorporate some funny memes into your content.

Stay Current

Instant news feeds can make you feel like you're always behind the times. But they can also give you endless streams of content fodder. Customize your news feeds with keywords from your industry so you always know what's going on. Then address those topics on your social media sites and blog, and you'll be an industry leader in no time. When people want to know what's going on in your industry, they'll come to you because you always seem to know. When you take ideas from your news feeds, cite your sources and give your opinion about the new developments.

Be Specific

Let's say you're in the market for a new roof, so you go to a search engine and look for local roofing companies. Google kindly pulls up 2,354,874 hits for you, and you begin perusing your choices of articles. Which of these titles will you choose?

  • New Roofs in Sacramento
  • 7 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Roof Contractors

It's not a tough choice. The first title could lead you anywhere--or nowhere at all. The second title tells you exactly what you'll learn by clicking on the link. Now, to keep your credibility, you've got to follow through on a title like that. But if you do, you just might have an interested reader, which could translate to an eager buyer.

If you follow these tips, you'll produce interesting, timely, not-boring content that will enliven your clients' websites and enhance their online marketing efforts. Their content doesn't have to sink to the bottom of the Internet heap! It can be helpful, current, specific, and funny.  And as it improves, so will your clients' business.

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