Agencies Need An Intelligent Content Creation Process

    Content creation.  The very concept runs chills down the spines of agencies, site owners and marketers.  In fact, "feeding the content beast" is still considered the number one challenge among digital marketers today.

    You see, it's not about information, it's about content.  Which is to say, it's not about telling people stuff, it's about engaging with them about their needs, addressing their pain points, solving their problems.  That's what content does.  Information is easy.  Content is not always so easy.

    Which leads us to the question: how does an agency create this type of content on an ongoing basis?  How does it feed the insatiable content beast for its clients and itself?  Undoubtedly, it requires an intelligent process which is managed consistently and monitored constantly for results.

    HubSpot author and Chief Marketing Officer at 98ToGo Ron Medlin recently posted an article that details how his company built this process for themselves.  It's worth a read.  In it, he lists steps you can take to meet the content challenge, briefly:

    • developing keyword strategy

    • finding good writers (and yes, Zerys is featured here)

    • creating compelling titles and topics

    • optimizing for search

    There is no need to become overwhelmed by the content creation process, either for yourself or for your clients.  Start implementing the kind of plan Ron is talking about.  Build an intelligent process.  It's the way to avoid becoming "the blind leading the blind".

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