Content Strategy: Don't Be So Vanilla

    One of the biggest problems facing business bloggers is coming up with website content. The sheer volume of content one must come up with can give anyone the feeling of being overwhelmed. Coupled with the fact that many other sites are vying for people's attention, it's enough to make any marketer break out into a cold sweat.

    Don't Be Vanilla

    This is where great content strategy comes in. Most sites have the same sort of content: text, photos and videos. When you think about it there's not much more you can put up on your client's site either. It's clear that you need to come up with better ideas.

    Your task is to come up with website content that is fresh, different and attention-grabbing. That same old content that everyone else has up will not set your clients apart from their competitors. Give people who visit their site an alternate view of information.

    Alternative Content Strategy

    Here are a few things things you can do with website content that might set your clients apart from other companies:

    Showcase the company

    Of course you are going to highlight your firm's products and services. That's the "meat" of your website. But don't be afraid to feature other information about your organization, and don't be shy about getting personal. Publish information on your company's volunteering efforts. Does any company employee have an interesting and unique hobby? Create website content that portrays your company in a favorable light.

    Return on investment (ROI) calculator

    Every company has a person, even if that person is you, that calculates return on investment figures. Turn the tables on this and create a document that will show prospects, and even existing customers, what ROI they can expect if they do business with you. As part of your overall content strategy this gives people a concrete idea on what value they get when they do business with you.

    Compile data

    You are probably in possession of tons of data pertaining to your industry. In gathering feedback, checking out competitors and studying industry information you may have information overload. People who follow you and visitors to your website may be seeking out this type of knowledge also. Why not compile this data and present it in the form of an eBook comprised solely of statistics? People, especially busy professionals, appreciate you doing some of their legwork.

    How-Not-To presentation

    Most everyone explains on their website how to use their products. Photo and videos generally show how it's done. Take a different approach to this and produce a "how-not-to-do-it" presentation. Chances are you have communications with your customers on all the problems they had with products they purchased from you. Compile some of these and put them in a video or photo offering. You can even use humor to make this more interesting.

    Tackle Myths

    No matter what field of endeavor you are in there are going to be tales about products and services that are simply not true. Some of these may even concern your offerings. You can help combat and debunk these myths by producing content in the form of whitepapers, videos, eBooks and other information that will educate your customers, many of whom have been made to look foolish by believing in these untruths.


    Does your industry have specific terms that are not used in everyday language? Then it will be exceedingly hard for prospects to understand your business. Help them out! Provide them with an explanation of terms unique to your trade. This allows them to "talk your language" and may encourage them to do business with you.


    This stands for "information" and "graphics". These are just visual representations of facts, figures and information presented in an easy to understand format. People are more cognitive when it comes to visual information. This is a great tool for content strategy.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ) lists

    Prospects and customers always have questions. Compile these questions, with the answers, and post them on your website. Chances are if one person has a particular question, others have it also.

    Great Content Strategy Drives Business

    There is no doubt people visit a site looking for information. Having great content available to them is essential for success in today's content-driven marketplace.

    Set your client's company apart from their competitors!  Interesting and engaging content is the way to get traffic to their site and turn visitors into paying customers. As part of a fresh, innovative content strategy, it puts them head and shoulders above the crowd.

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