Great Website Content: 4 Steps For Success

    You already know it:  Your client has to have a robust online presence to fully compete in the marketplace. The content you place on their website is vital for their success. This is the reason that a website content strategy is so important.

    Website Content is King

    It is true that "content is king" in online marketing today. Having a website is not enough. Your site is the place where you will build your brand and present it to the world. Your website has to include relevant, relatable content to engage visitors and followers.

    Your website content strategy should position your clients as experts in their industries. When people need information, your clients' content makes them the go-to source.

    A diverse mix of content types--product and service information, blogs, stories, videos, ebooks and white papers will keep followers and prospective customers coming back to your client's website time and again. If you can engage people you have a great chance to turn them into not just customers, but customers who come back for more.

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    Tips for Great Website Content Strategy

    Following are four tips for developing a great online marketing program:

    Who are our customers?

    If you don't understand who you are going to sell to how are you ever going to develop products and services? Doing some research will give you a good idea of who to market your products to. Listen to what the customer has to say. Everyone else in your industry is marketing to the same group of people. Give people what they want and they will reward you with their business. Put a lot of effort into identifying your customer base and then add great content on your website to engage that group.

    Relevant content

    Having content on your website is not good enough. It has to be relevant content to keep visitors engaged. Staying on top of industry trends is vital to your company's survival. Use an RSS tool to stay current with industry movers, blogs and websites. Be ready with useful and related content your audience will enjoy. In today's fast moving world information has to be timely. Stay up on your industry and post engaging website content to solidify your firm's place in it's business niche.

    Flexible publishing schedule

    You will have to have a publishing schedule to help your content team know when it's time to publish new information. This timetable should not extend too far into the future since things can change quickly online and in business in general. Publishing on a regular schedule will eliminate gaps in content and show your site is actively maintained and up to date. You will also have to be flexible to take advantage of on-the-fly opportunities. Be prepared to use current events to enhance your website content strategy. Scheduled content can always be moved to another day.

    Solve issues but have fun doing so

    Your audience wants you to help them solve their problems. That's why they are visiting your site. What do you have product-wise or service-wise that can help them? What keeps them amused? Are they worried about a certain aspect of your industry? Don't just have your website be a place to advertise your wares. Make sure you engage people and help allay their concerns and fears about your field of endeavor. Do so in a positive and can-do voice and gain a legion of followers. This will build brand equity and insure people come back again and again to your website.

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    Build Company Awareness

    A great website content strategy will build company and brand awareness. After all, if your clients don't get people to visit their sites it doesn't matter how great the content on the site is. Keep the site updated and people will visit time and again to get valuable information on your industry, and your company.

    Using the four simple tips above, you can build a website content strategy that positions your clients as leaders and brings customers to their door. And that's really what it's all about.

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