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3 Secrets To Better SEO Content Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, content marketing is quickly shaping up to be the main game in town. Whether as a complement to traditional methods or on its own, SEO content marketing harnesses the power of information and capitalizes on the public's hunger for it.

While it isn’t necessary – nor is it advisable – for your clients to abandon their other efforts at online advertising, it would be beneficial for them to allow SEO content marketing to form the base of their marketing plans. To that end, consider these three most important components of successful content marketing:

1. Quality Content

With the saturation of most niches, not enough can be said about the need to make content quality your number one priority; after all, why bother with shoddy or inaccurate content when there are so many others from which to choose? Making your clients' posts outstanding is the first-and-foremost component of any SEO plan in order to keep visitors coming to them.

It is only fitting that creating content is the most difficult step; but there are options available, such as seeking out companies that specialize in writing focused, informative content, often employing writers with years of experience in many areas. Because of the overwhelming importance of this, if your client's company has a particular product, it's imperative that you obtain qualified people to inform their public about their topic.

2. Keyword-Rich Articles

Just because Content is King doesn’t mean that going after the search engines will ever fall out of favor. Market your clients' content with keyword-rich articles that, while they are certainly human-readable, are largely geared towards driving dual purposes: targeting more of their potential audiences directly with great and useful content, and SEO content marketing to increase their ranking and put their services before the eyes of those who already searching for it.

And, as with all SEO marketing , there is a multi-headed method of attack that goes hand-in-hand with this, from keyword-targeting to social media marketing.

3. Informative Content

It’s clear that the main component of SEO content marketing is to have content professionally created (or do it yourself) so that your clients can take advantage of its awesome marketing power. You can double up on this advantage by initiating a marketing campaign that includes videos, podcasts, webinars, etc.--all using this content.

In this way, your clients not only benefit from having informative content that makes no advertising pitches, but actually goes in the opposite direction of advertising with the promise to inform, thereby capturing both markets. You can take advantage of the attention that a viral video brings to your client's company, and even as it tapers off – as just about every viral video must, they still have content that can be repurposed into something else. It's an excellent way to inject life into an SEO content marketing plan.

Ultimately, SEO content marketing is the future. Your clients have already gotten over the hurdle of how to create it--it's now up to you to help them get the most out of their content marketing efforts by using this killer content to maximum effect.

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