3 Ways To Generate More Marketing Content With Less Effort

    A good content marketing plan should always focus on generating quality material that your clients' customers and potential customers find so useful that they'll keep coming back for more. But, as a business owner yourself, you know how difficult it can be to come up with quality content on a regular basis. You probably have plenty of things to do that feel far more urgent than developing online content.

    After all, updating your company blog can usually wait, but filling that last minute order from your best customer is a far more time-sensitive task, right? Here are some simple ideas that you can share with your clients, to help them flesh out their content marketing plan without spending an inordinate amount of time on it:

    1. Write about what you know.

    The written content that you offer to your customers should be relevant to your business and, as the business owner, it will likely fall into your areas of expertise. Whether you do it yourself or outsource the topics to professional copywriters, writing about what you know best enables you to speak with authority and say something useful, something that your customers don't already know. When you write about material that is familiar to you, you also save the time you might ordinarily have to spend doing research, wading through sources looking for quality material from reputable authorities to back up your words. When you write about a field in which you are already an expert, most of the information you need is right there in your head. All you have to do is get started.

    2. Use your network.

    As a business owner, you likely have plenty of useful contacts providing products and services that your customers will find useful. Base your content marketing plan on drawing on these resources, and inviting your suppliers and partners to contribute to your blog and to your other online resources such as website content.

    Letting other people do some of your writing saves you time because you don't have to create the content yourself. It also makes your online content potentially more useful to your customers, who can most likely benefit from a wider range of material than what you alone can provide. When you offer business associates opportunities to contribute to your informational marketing content, you provide them with extra exposure, a chance to introduce themselves to a wider audience and link to their own sites.

    3. Practice.

    Writing is like a muscle, and the more you exercise it, the better it works. Before long your clients will find themselves writing more quickly, and bringing their content marketing plans to fruition with increasingly less effort. Your clients may not want to contribute regularly but when they do, with the benefit of practice they can make it count!

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