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How Content Fuels An Online Marketing Strategy

Chances are, you've heard the phrase "content is king" at some point while developing your client's content marketing strategy. Google has been aggressively rolling out ranking changes that focus on weeding out low quality content. Search engines look for well-written, engaging content more and more, and this focus is only going to get stronger in the future.

One important aspect of a content marketing strategy is understanding how the content interacts with social media, search engine rankings and direct sales influence.

For your clients, social media such as Facebook gives you a way to directly interact with their customer base. When they post well-written, insightful or useful comment to their business' social media profiles, customers raise concerns or provide their input directly.

For example, instead of spending the money for expensive market research studies and surveys, your clients can poll customers directly to find out what's going through their heads. When they provide enough valuable information and resources to customers, your clients also have the opportunity to market new products, services and sales to a captive audience. Many social networks provide easy ways to share content to friends and contacts, so your viral marketing reach is also improved if they have good content.

When some businesses look at a content marketing strategy, they focus entirely on the search engine optimization aspects. SEO is an important part of this strategy, although it needs to be part of the overall approach, not the only approach to marketing.

Good content incorporates ranking keywords throughout the article, without sounding unnatural or overwhelming the reader. When content has value outside of keywords and SEO, your clients get inbound links naturally from related sites. They'll be seen as an authority site if they get enough high quality inbound links.

While some customers simply want to come to your client's site, get what they want, and leave, others enjoy having additional reasons to check things out. A few options for quality content to keep customers around include behind-the-scenes insights, information on upcoming products, related articles about market or demographic, videos and other ways to keep visitors coming back.

When customers come back to your site even when they aren't actively shopping, your clients have more opportunities to expose them to your call to action to make sales. They also have the ability to give customers a view of your business' personality, instead of just seeing a faceless company. That connection breeds brand loyalty.

Your client's content marketing strategy needs a multifaceted approach to take complete advantage of their content. When you put in the time to develop strong content that provides added value to visitors, customers, and prospects, your clients receive a great return on investment.

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