7 Content Marketing Tools You Can't Do Without

    Increasing sales is what content marketing is all about. Publishing a website and related blog are great first actions to take. But this is not all there is to marketing your client's product or service. Exceptional tools exist now to increase traffic to web pages and blog.

    Creating a content marketing strategy should include every tool you can get your hands on. Here are seven tools and how to utilize them.

    1. Send Out Email Newsletters

    Email newsletters are a great way to get your brand name out into the public. Sent to the right email contact list, it can create new buyers or elicit repeat business. Besides being very cost efficient, a newsletter sent by email gives the customer the ability to interact with you and communicate any questions or concerns they may have.

    Be sure to send your email newsletter out on a regular basis. Some research has found that an individual may see one ad a total of five times before they buy. Suffice it to say that continuing to send out your newsletter will eventually end in a sale in a certain percentage of cases. Sending one newsletter out per month is a good strategy.

    2. Post a Video or Some Animated Graphics

    Videos and/or animated graphics are a wonderful way to visually present information relating to your product or service. Just like content writing for the Web, they should be filled with informative content.

    One particular style of video that seems to attract attention is one done in the style of a diary. Here you could present a customer who has used your product or has obtained your service and let them give a testimonial, relating their story from start to finish. A little aesthetics within the video never hurt either.

    3. Publish a Podcast

    If someone wants to get further information about your product, you can put together a podcast fairly easily. These are very beneficial as you will be able to:

    • Increase the consumer’s trust in you by allowing them to hear your voice
    • Give consumers the backstory to your product or service
    • Reach those who may prefer to hear an audio version of your presentation
    • Provide more value to potential buyers that might just make them into actual buyers

    4. Hold a Webinar

    Webinars are not as popular as they once were, perhaps due to overuse. However, if you are appealing to the kinds of problems your prospects may face as related to your specific product or service, you will find that you will get a lot of signups – and additional customers.

    For example, if you sell business consulting, you would certainly know the most difficult thing businesses face in running their company. Hold a webinar focusing on that subject matter, giving valuable hints on how to overcome these problems.

    5. Give Professional Presentations

    When a prospective customer searches the Internet looking for more information to assist them in the purchasing process, if you offer a presentation that gives them the information they need, you’ve hooked them.

    PowerPoint presentations or slide show presentations on various Internet channels can end their search – and give them the link where they can go to buy from you. You can generate a lot more traffic to your website and establish your credibility.

    6. Write an E-book on a Topic Relating to Your Product or Service

    The recent explosion in the popularity of digital media opens the door for a lot more business. You can write an e-book or have someone write one for you. A well-written e-book on a topic that informs and enlightens your audience is another method of advertising and can be included in your content marketing plan.

    You can sell this digital copy or you can only allow someone to download it if they first provide you with their email address. Within your e-book, you can include links to your website or a phone number where potential customers can get questions answered.

    7. Get Reviews and Publish Them

    Get a lot of reviews on what you’ve sold, either service or product, and get these published on your website. You can edit them down so they don’t run on and on. Excerpts should include powerful statements.

    There are many approaches to ramping up the traffic to your client's website or increase the visitors to their blog. Using the above tools are just a few of the proven methods of creating success for your client's business.

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