Content Is King In Hard Economic Times

    Content is not just king at any time, it is actually the kingdom. Content is integral to any marketing strategy whether it is traditional print advertising or inbound digital marketing. Content is the foundation for all you do.

    In an economic downturn, it is just as important, if not more so, to keep up your marketing program. Effective, highly targeted content not only brings you more qualified customers, it keeps you in the game while your competitors succumb to economic pressures. A study in the International Journal of Research in Marketing found businesses that continue to actively market themselves reported very positive results in relationship to businesses that slashed marketing spend and activity.

    The message is: Do not stop marketing.

    Just be sure you spend your marketing dollars wisely.

    • Use inbound marketing, which has content at its heart. This can cost up to 61% less per lead than outbound marketing, a significant cost savings.
    • Market where your audience is.
    • Create content for your specific audience.
    • Optimize it for search.
    • Socialize it for the appropriate social media channels and to increase inbound links.
    • Before launch determine a measurable goal and use analytics to track goal metrics and tweak content to be even more effective.
    • Keep your media mix manageable; only maintain the channels you have time and resources for.

    Increasingly people are researching their buying decisions online. It is also where they are going for news and entertainment. This makes relevant, up-to-date content all the more important for all types of marketing.

    The point has been made repeatedly: content is king; more than that, it is the kingdom.

    But you don’t have to empty your treasury to have a highly effective program.

    • Put easily tweetable facts into your blog posts.
    • Create content compilations, not just with text, but with images and video.
    • Curate, rather than create, content (just make sure to add the appropriate attributions).
    • Create an interactive piece and use the responses to build another blog post or article.
    • Interview an industry expert.
    • Summarize an industry event.
    • Ask others for content. Ask others in your company to contribute or ask for guest blogs and articles.

    Content Building Resources

    As you can see, creating enough relevant content for effective marketing should more than make up for the cost of its creation. And by identifying cost-effective ways to create or obtain content, you can improve savings are even more.

    And when the economy gets better, your competitors will bow to you and your content kingdom because you are already ahead of the game.

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