5 Essential Tips For Content That Attracts And Engages

    When it comes to the Internet and content optimization, most people make the mistake of thinking keywords and links are the only requirements to attract customers. However, to attract and engage potential and existing customers, your clients must focus on more than sprinkling a few keywords or links into content.

    Customers are hungry for information, not fluff. When you’re starving would you rather have steak or cotton candy? It’s the same with content. Thus, when trying to attract and engage readers or customers, as your clients to consider these five essential tips:

    1. Research is Queen

    While content is considered king, research must be its queen. Attracting customers relies on knowing your target audience. You must truly understand their issues and interest to understand what information they seek. You may have an easier time with your research if your business already has a target audience.

    Regardless of whether you do or not, go where your customers are. For example, social media sites and forums are good places to start. You know people are always sharing their interests and issues there.

    Also, take a look at what your competition is writing about. Take advantage by developing content which is more interesting and engaging than your competitors. Check out the responses competitors receive from readers. Sometimes readers post comments on competitors articles or blogs asking for advice or help with a topic. Don’t wait for your competitor to respond. Beat them to the punch and write an answer on your website.

    The key is to find out what your audience needs then fill those needs with high quality, well-researched content. However, first you start with research.

    2. Provide Tips

    Besides fulfilling customers’ needs, you also want to provide expert tips. This keeps customers engaged and returning to your website. The tips should not involve your product or brand. Instead, focus on helpful tips related to your industry.

    If you sell laundry detergent, then provide tips about cleaning clothes more efficiently. If you are a writer, provide English tips or helpful writing news. People always want helpful advice based on your expertise and real-world experience.

    However, if you’re not an expert in any particular field, but want to attract and engage customers, you can approach this task in two ways:

    • Find experts then talk to them. Ask them about tips, knowledgeable advice or industry insight they have. Share what you learn with your audience.
    • Find experts then invite them to share their tips and advice on your website. It’s helpful to have guest bloggers share their knowledge with your audience.

    3. Focus on Readers

    Great content involves writing interesting information. However, you always want to write in a way people understand. When you use technical jargon related to your interest, you lose potential customers. They do not want to look up the terms just to understand your content.

    Thus, write for a general audience. You have to write as if the reader doesn’t know anything about the topic. Also, use language everyone understands whether they dropped out of high school or earned their PhD.

    Infuse a little humor in your writing. For example, start off with an antidote which connects to the topic. For instance, if you own a tax preparation business, use a funny antidote about the funniest tax excuses when talking about reasons to file taxes.

    If you don’t think you can infuse humor in your writing, then don’t. The last thing you want to do is offend anyone. You just want to keep them reading.

    Also, you want to format your content to keep readers engaged. For instance:

    • Use catchy headlines which sums up the paragraph
    • Use bullet points
    • Incorporate relevant pictures or graphics
    • Keep paragraphs short
    • Keep your writing concise

    4. Fresh Content

    Once you’ve hooked your reader with exclusive topics and helpful tips, keep updating. Interested customers return daily or weekly for new information. If you only post every couple of months, you’re going to lose momentum.

    5. Eliminate the Sales Pitch

    Customers aren’t scouring the Internet looking for the best sales pitch. They want information. You can inform them about who you are and your professional highlights at the end of your post. However, do not include a sales pitch. It turns off customers instead of building trust.

    Using content is a great way to attract, retain and engage customers. Your clients must focus on the content instead of links or keywords. Although the keywords are important, they won’t keep readers coming back for more.

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