The Cure For A Tired Content Strategy

    Agencies often wear many hats when it comes to their clients marketing needs.  You are part consultant, part strategist and part procurer of goods and services.  Other talents you need to have? Cheerleader, evangelist and coach.

    A tired content strategy needs the help of all of these roles.  After all, the last thing you want your clients' readers to do is yawn and move on to websites, and you sure don't want to lose them forever.  Content must be fresh and exciting and the overall content strategy needs to grow and change with the business.  This ultimately keeps readers coming back, and customers buying more.

    A fresh approach, or even minor tweaks, can often be easier said than done, though.  If your clients have been using a particular content strategy for some time, perhaps it should be reviewed to find some new angles.

    The following are some tips to give you new insights into attention-grabbing content strategy for your clients' websites:

    Check with your customer service and sales teams

    In a recent Interact Media article we explain how phone calls from sales and support departments can be a goldmine of ideas.  Likewise, these same teams have stories of various customer interactions that solved problems or discovered new approaches that deserve to be a part of your clients' content.

    Try a different emotional approach

    If your content has generally been very factual, try applying an emotional angle.  You can try describing a person who is going through some struggles and challenges followed by how that person could have their problem solved with your product or service.  Writer’s Digest suggests that applying emotion can help to freshen up content.

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    Use guest blogging

    Inviting persons to post on your site is a great way to get some fresh perspectives.  These people can be industry experts or customers who can provide testimonials.  Also you can volunteer to guest post on other sites, which will boost your clients' credibility and also gain new visitors to their sites.

    The demands for new and exciting content never cease, but with these tips you can find some fresh ideas to give your clients' content the boost that it needs.

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