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3 Simple Ways To Build Consumer Trust And Authority With Content

Consumers want to visit websites they can trust to get the best information possible. Gaining their trust and establishing your reputation as a leading expert requires hard work and commitment, but it is not complicated.

Use these three simple methods to build consumer trust and establish authority when planning your clients' content marketing strategy.

Be consistent and reliable in all marketing

As with all relationships, an important part of building trust between two parties is consistency. Establishing a content marketing strategy makes it easier to build your brand. As consumers become familiar with your client's name, logo, and tagline, they will begin to see them as a reliable source of  information. Establishing a reputation for reliability requires three things:

Consistency across mediums.

This can be difficult with the many marketing channels available today.  Don't confuse consumers by using different logos or mottoes on different forms of marketing. Social media accounts, your website, and your print media campaign should include the same fonts, logos and wording so you are immediately recognizable to consumers.

Regularly published blog posts, newsletters and social media updates.

This is the meat and potatoes of your content marketing strategy, and an excellent way to build trust with consumers. Consistently publishing content online shows commitment to your readers. Establish a schedule and stick to it, so your readers come to expect your newsletter each month, and one or two new blog posts every week.

Reliable quality of work.

Whether your business provides goods or services, consumers like to know what they are getting.  They expect the same level of quality each time they visit your website, store or office. This is one of the reasons that McDonald's restaurants are still so popular. The fast food giant is a master of consistency in their product line. Consumers know that quality of McDonald's food in Toronto, Canada will be the same as the McDonald's in London, England. Whether you like fast food or not, you know what you will get at a McDonald's restaurant because they are reliable.

Build a reputation as a thought leader and expert in your field

One of the best ways to build authority with consumers is to have your client's expertise acknowledged by a well-known and reputable individual or organization. You can then piggy-back on the authority of the source. Being quoted in a national newspaper or industry journal is an excellent way to quickly establish a solid reputation.

Answering reader questions and providing thoughtful insights in relevant online forums, discussions and on social media platforms can also showcase your knowledge and authority, and gain new readers who may turn into customers.

Another way to piggy-back on someone else's authority is to incorporate guest posting into your client's content marketing strategy. Focus on the top blogs and websites in your field, and offer to contribute a guest post. When readers see your work on a top site, you immediately gain credibility. After all, if a well-respected website is willing to publish your work, you must know what you are talking about!

Put your money where your mouth is and show your readers how you have helped your customers or clients. Introduce case studies into your content marketing strategy. This is a powerful tool and a concrete example of  your success. 

Provide excellence to your readers

Your clients can be leading global experts in their fields and consistently market products and services until the cows come home, but if they don't provide top quality content to their readers and followers, they will not gain their trust.

No matter what type of business you run, your online content is your product. Make it excellent.

Ask one simple questions for all new content. How will the reader benefit from this? Your blog post, article, status update, infographic or other form of online content should help the reader in some way.

In addition to excellent content, don't forget content customer service as part of your client's content marketing strategy.  Respond to all queries and comments from readers as quickly as possible.  Where appropriate, communicate with readers openly either through your website or social media accounts. This goes a long way to establishing your reputation as a trustworthy business or individual.

Building trust and authority as part of a content marketing strategy is simple. Treat the audience with respect. Always provide excellent content that readers can really use. Respond to all queries, comments and customer service issues openly and quickly. Do this consistently, and watch your client's audience, customer base, and business grow.

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