Content Marketing 101: Back to Basics

    It seems like everyone has something to say about content marketing. From optimizing content, to strategic social sharing, to the quality vs. quantity debate: the practice of content marketing continues to grow in complexity.

    Before getting caught up in the hype and details, it’s important to focus on the fundamentals that are practical and scalable for your clients.

    Successful content marketing starts with building trust among your most valued audiences: present and future.

    Get Started

    In a recent talk with Vertical Measures president (and Zerys partner) Arnie Kuenn, he had this to share about the complexities of content: “Focus on what comes natural and what is comfortable for you and your organization and just do those few things really, really well". Kuenn is president of Vertical Measures and author of Accelerate! Moving Your Business Forward Through a Convergence of Search, Social and Content Marketing.

    Content marketing can truly transform your business. Immerse yourself in meaningful resources and then, as Kuenn says, “Dive in!”

    Life-Long Students

    Thousands of marketing and agency professionals recently assumed the role of student during two notable marketing conferences, HubSpot’s Inbound and Content Marketing Institute’s Content Marketing World.

    As marketers concluded their travels and returned to their place of business, many individuals extended their student-like mentality through helpful content and takeaways from these events.

    Content Marketing is a growing trend, which has resulted in an abundance of educational information. In order to reach your full content potential, be open to new opportunities and get back to the basics of content marketing.

    Below is a collection of articles that contribute to your ongoing content marketing 101 curriculum.

    Can Content Marketing Platforms Drive Increased Success?

    The CEO of Kapost, Toby Murdock (@tobymurdock), discussed a study published by the Aberdeen Group on Content Marketing Institute, which measures the overall success of content management software. The study found that most content marketers are attempting to enhance their current techniques, and also revealed that content software does create a positive impact on business results.

    The Aberdeen Group also found that “users of content marketing software platforms achieved lead-to-close rates that were 124 percent better than non-users.“

    Visit the full article to discover how content software can set a foundation for successful content strategies.

    What Is a Content Strategy And Why Do You Need It?

    In this article, which appeared on B2B Marketing Insider, Michael Brenner (@BrennerMichael) highlights the underlying principles of content marketing following up from Content Marketing World. Brenner is the Senior Director of Marketing and Content Strategy at SAP and the co-founder of Business 2 Community.

    Brenner uncovers the fundamental differences between content strategy and content marketing. He says that content strategy is the “mindset, culture and approach” of your plan. Content marketing is the final product, resulting from strategy.

    Visit the full post to read Brenner’s six tips for content success.

    17 Lessons About Content Marketing for Small Business

    In this article, Lee Odden (@leeodden) shares 17 content marketing lessons direct from C.C. Chapman’s presentation (@cc_chapman) at Content Marketing World. He noted that Chapman forewarned attendees that his talk contained “101 level content.” But, Odden says that many companies struggle with “the basics.” This is important information for both your agency’s content, and also educating your clients.

    Visit the full post for 17 Lessons About Content Marketing For Small Business.

    Two Qualities of Content Marketing That Matter Most

    Branded content is everywhere, but the question remains: how do you stand out? In this Forbes article, Patrick Spenner reveals two content qualities that can contribute to increased prominence. He says that great content must “change the customer’s direction.” In order to do this, according to Spenner, your content must teach and motivate.

    Visit the full post to learn how to adopt this content strategy.

    Cut the Geek Speak and Other Ways for Agencies to Triple Billings

    In this post from Marketing Agency Insider, Tracy (DiMarino) Lewis (@Tracy_J_Lewis) highlights a presentation from Inbound12, Cut the Geek Speak, and Triple Your Earnings, by David Carpenter (@davidcarpenter). Carpenter is president of the Digital Marketing Agency, Connection Model.

    During his presentation, Carpenter suggested 13 tips to grow agency sales. He advises that you become fully informed regarding a client’s industry prior to meeting. Visit the full post for all 13 tips from David Carpenter.

    Master the System to Maximize Agency Efficiency: Tips from DigitalSherpa

    Zerys founder Steve Lazuka (@stevelazuka) emphasizes the need to become a master of your content management system in order to fully realize its potential. DigitalSherpa recently shared their personal experience with Zerys in a review Using Zerys to Outsource Content Creation. Seven content managers provided insightful advice for utilizing the Zerys system.

    Visit the full post to learn more about maximizing your content efficiency.

    Graphic of the Month

    21 Things To Do To Help Your Infographic Go Viral

    “65 percent of us are visual learners” says Andrianes Pinantoan (@andreispsyched) in this article on Content Marketing Institute. Pinantoan discusses the prevalence of visual information, and shares his past success with infographics.

    He presents 21 tips to create a viral infographic. Visit the full post to follow his prescribed model for successful visuals.

    If there are any important articles that we’ve missed, please share in our comments.

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