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Shareable Content: Why You Need It, How To Get It

Your clients need content. You know that. But have you given thought to what you want that content to do for them? Obviously you want it to bring in traffic, but did you know that the right kind of content will do some pretty heavy lifting for them? This is what we call shareable content.

Shareable content is content that just begs to be not just liked, but passed around to the reader’s friends or audience. You want your content read, watched, and/or experienced by as many people as possible. What better way to get it in front of the most interested (and qualified) prospects than by developing content that, with the enthusiastic help of a few, will reach many more?

What promotes content sharing? Go back and think about what gives you the impetus to share something with your online friends or audience. What type of content do you see and immediately think, “This would be very interesting to so many people.”? What makes you want to go through even the minimal trouble of clicking a social media share button?

As it happens, quite a few social media, content marketing, and search engine marketing experts have determined at least 6 types of content that seem to get shared most readily.

Each of these types of content benefit from all the same content qualities that have been called out for years. Shareable content draws people in with a great headline and packaging. It keeps them reading when it is original and skimmable. Exclusive content is very compelling because of its scarcity. And it inspires action.

The type of arousal is also important. Sadness isn’t shared as much. Let’s face it, who wants to share a downer? But not all arousal to action need be positive. Some of the most shared content arouses anger and anxiety. This content is shared just as readily as content arousing interest or surprise.

Timing of content release and promotion also plays a role in content sharing behavior. There are a variety of online tools that measure statistics about Twitter, for instance, letting you know when the most tweets are made, which are re-tweets, and more. Analytical tools that let you know when the action occurs online helps you know when to release content for best effect or when a promotional social hook will garner the most notice, increasing the chance of content sharing.

Highly shareable content gives your clients the most bang for their marketing buck. While there is no guarantee that any one piece of content will go viral, you can tip the odds in your favor.  Build in components of sharability and time the release of the content.  This create a higher chance of being noticed by the right people and making them want to share.  This can and will make your clients' content work smarter and harder for them.

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