On-The-Go Is On The Rise: 5 Tips For Capturing The Mobile Market

    One of the toughest things for companies just arriving at the mobile marketing party to do is to figure out exactly how to make the most of the increasingly numerous opportunities that mobile provides. It can be difficult to strike a balance between wallflower-esque shyness and lampshade-on-head buffoonery — both all too common reactions for companies new to mobile marketing.

    By keeping the following five tips in mind, you can make sure that your clients are the smooth, witty, life of the party rather than the annoying person who will not be invited back or, even worse, the party guest that no one remembers.

    To get the most out of your mobile marketing efforts:

    • Make full use of the tools available
    • Make it easy to share
    • If you make an app, make it right
    • Be aware of how you look
    • Don’t interrupt the experience

    Make Full Use of the Tools Available

    Between Google, Facebook, and soon Twitter, the amount of granularity available with mobile marketing is, to put it bluntly, amazing. Ad campaigns can be targeted to as specific a demographic as you could wish and, because these are three of the most commonly used services on mobile devices, that granularity transfers seamlessly from online marketing to mobile marketing, in particular when it comes to location-based targeting.

    Targeted ads in the mobile space are not, however, like traditional print or television ads. It’s important to continually reevaluate your targeting as you receive information about what’s working and what is not. Thankfully, all of the major mobile marketing players provide intuitive and flexible tools which allow you to do so.

    Make It Easy to Share

    Word-of-mouth is, without question, one of the most powerful forms of advertising available in both the traditional and mobile arenas. Social media has given us new ways to both harness, and track word-of-mouth, but it’s important, as much as possible, to help our customers help us. Simply including share buttons for all the major sites can extend our social reach to a surprising degree, particularly on content targeted specifically at mobile browsers.

    If You Make an App, Make It Right

    Creating an app for iOS, Android, or both can be a great way to tie your brand into the daily life of your customers, but doing so comes with some caveats. Building a quick and dirty app can be significantly cheaper than investing in the development of a quality app, but that cheap app can end up being very costly in terms of your brand image and customer relations. If you’re going to develop an app, develop a good one.

    Similarly, if you’re going to develop an app at all, make sure it serves a purpose other than providing a marketing channel to your customers. To be successful, an app has to provide a useful service, or solve a problem commonly experienced by your target market. If you can’t offer such a solution you’re generally better off not making an app at all.

    Be Aware of How You Look

    It may seem like common sense, but don’t forget that websites don’t look the same on mobile devices as they do on desktop computers. Make sure your mobile website (you do have a mobile website, don’t you?) is clean, functional, and easily browsed on small touchscreen devices. Likewise, ensure that all of your social media pages are heavier on images, and lighter on text, which is difficult to read on small screens, and flash animations which require too much bandwidth.

    Don’t Interrupt the Experience

    As often as possible, keep the entire user experience on the same device. By ensuring that mobile targeted ads contain links to mobile friendly websites which allow for mobile payments during check out, you allow your customers to complete their entire transaction on the same device — the device you used to market to them in the first place. This increases your conversion rate significantly.

    When it comes to marketing in the mobile space, it isn’t enough just to be at the party. With an estimated 86 million Americans shopping via smartphone, these days pretty much everyone is already there, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to make an impression with your clients' potential customers. Merely showing up won’t help them stand out from their competitors, it’s what they do while they are there that will determine how successful mobile marketing is for their businesses.

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