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Content Quality Control: Essential For An Effective Campaign

Is more content better content?  Many sites, and probably a lot of your competitors, are out there posting a lot of content, some of it pretty good, some of it pretty bad, and everything in between.  It's just this kind of mental and visual clutter that makes quality content stand out even more.  It's exactly what attracts consumers to a site that does content really well.

Why quality content is so important

There are many reasons why good content is essential for your website. Let's look at a few major reasons why content needs to be high quality:

  • Most information on websites does not work to produce more visitors, interest or sales. Some experts say it's up to 80%. This is a lot of wasted opportunity when you factor in all your content investment costs, such as writing, editing and publishing the content.
  • There are only so many searches for your content in any given time, say a month. It's a zero sum game. Your gain is going to be somebody else's loss--and vice versa. You need all the traffic you can garner.
  • Most site owners and writers don't understand what pieces of content perform well or not. You need to fully comprehend what drives people to search for your content. If you can do that you can continuously produce content to keep people engaging with their sites.

Tips to creating quality content

You have been told that "content is king". Well, it's true -- but with a qualifier: quality content is king. Everything else is filler.  In today's world you need great content that is of high quality to attract and engage website visitors. Getting plenty of information on your website does not mean success. The message has to be relevant and timely. Let's look at some ways to produce high quality content:

Identify your audience

Before you even begin to create content for your website you need to know who you are going to be writing for. How do you find this out? Ask for reader and visitor feedback. Send out surveys or put them up on your website. Study your competition and see who they attract as followers. Do as much research as you can and figure out who is going to follow you.

Good headlines and great hook

You don't have much time to grab a reader's attention. A good headline, that is truthful, is vital to whet a visitor's reading appetite. Follow that headline with a great hook. Just as a fisherman does you want to seize a reader and keep them reading. Make anyone reading your content want to read more and more.

Be unique

If you just have the same old stale content that most everyone else puts up on their site why would anyone want to read you? Give visitors a reason to engage with you and your site. You are an expert and have much information to share with people. Make this information as exclusive as you can. Give your readers content they can't find anywhere else.

Small tweaks, big results

Often a small change can make a big difference in your content. Adding a word to a title may make it specific enough to jump start readership. A few details that refine a blog entry or product description may allow you to "own" the conversation on a subject. Small things sometimes make big differences.

Pay attention to grammar and spelling

Quality content does not always mean your thoughts and ideas. Great content pays attention to grammar and spelling, and overall style. One spelling or grammar mistake can turn off a reader or get them thinking about something other than your content. Make sure your writing is "clean" and keep your readers focused on the information you are providing.

Links and sources

Great content will be filled with ways a reader can find information about what you have written. This gives you credibility and takes your content to the next level. The content is just not always your opinion but based on good, sound and provable facts and figures. Links and resources back up your expertise.

Focus on quality, not quantity

Visitors are not going to take your website, or content, seriously if your information is not high quality. Information fraught with factual errors, bad grammar, incorrect spelling and other poor quality writing will eventually be ignored by readers.

And, while volume of content is a factor in your success, it should be kept in perspective. Less really good original content, posted on a regular basis, beats a large volume of mediocre, unfocused or irrelevant content any day of the week. Take steps to ensure you give people quality content and they will reward you with their unwavering loyalty. This will boost your credibility and, ultimately, your bottom line.

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