Why Branding & Article Copywriting Are So Important

    There are a lot of buzzwords floating around the marketing stratosphere—things like “branding,” “content,” “voice,” and “copywriting.” It can feel overwhelming trying to stay up to date with the latest trends, and to try and effectively tie all of the concepts together. However, it can be done. The key to success is a solid understanding of each concept and working to create a strategic plan to incorporate all of the elements into recognizable content that engages your audience.

    Understanding the concepts and components of business content marketing

    While there are a lot of buzzwords, many of the concepts behind them have proven extremely effective for businesses that utilize content marketing. To fully use their capabilities, it’s helpful to understand what they mean:


    In its simplest form, branding is creating a recognizable identity that sets you apart from others in your industry. Branding is more than a logo or colors—it extends into your content, visual style, and voice.


    Content is your message. It includes everything from website content and blogs to social media messages and images. One of the best definitions is that content is the presentation of information for an audience.


    Defining your business’s voice is more than what you say, it’s about how you say it. Your content should tie together with a singular voice that has a unique cadence, tone, and word choice.

    Copywriting (and specifically article copywriting)

    Copywriting is writing content (and in this case articles) that spur the reader into action. This means the content should be strategic, compelling, and target the audience you’re trying to reach.

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    Ways to tie branding into your article copywriting

    Once your branding efforts have begun, you can start to infuse it into everything you do. How do you do that with article copywriting? Simple:

    Present your articles in the same style as other content

    Visuals, font, and layout should reflect how you present yourself elsewhere (like on social media, your website, and your marketing materials).

    Write articles in your unique voice

    Your voice should capture your business’s mission and personality. Do you take yourself seriously? Then make it professional. Not so seriously? Add an edge of humor. While all your content should embrace the voice, your articles are a place to let it shine. Design a guide for your writers to follow. It should include:

    • Whom you’re speaking to
    • What your business wants to say (and how you want to say it)
    • What information you’re trying to get across
    • What kind of vocabulary to use (industry terms, more academic, less academic, etc.)
    • How you believe in appealing to your ideal customer

    Use resources available online to make a branding voice checklist.

    Don’t be afraid to be distinct

    Sometimes there is a fear of backlash if you say or do something that doesn’t resonate with everyone. Well, personalities happen to be that way in general—you’ll never appeal to everyone no matter how hard you try. People that do try often end up generating a lot of confusion, and in many ways, are even less appealing. As a business, you must have confidence to set forth a personality, to say what you believe in (albeit respectfully), even if it means putting off some consumers. The only people you’re trying to appeal to are your consumers—in other words, your target audience.

    Go professional

    There is a reason some copywriting articles come across more professionally. It’s because they’re professionally done. Great copywriters know how to match tone and style; plus they create pieces that are polished and well-written.

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    Benefits of using a professional and experienced article copywriter

    If you’re going to infuse your articles with your brand, style, and voice, consider using a professional. Here’s why:

    • You’ll bring a fresh perspective and possible new solutions to your consumers.
    • You’ll have someone who is trained to “connect” with an audience.
    • You’ll have someone who can utilize SEO to make your articles more visible.
    • You’ll have someone who communicates well, and it will come across as more polished.
    • The finished product will be subtler, which appeals to consumers.

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    It takes time to learn the complexities of the marketing world, but the more you take the time to learn, the more successful your efforts will be. Start by bringing your brand into your article copywriting, whether you do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. The effectiveness and results may just be a very pleasant surprise. To learn more, check out our white paper, "How the Right Blog Content Strategy Can Power and Simplify Your Online Marketing."

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