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What is the Role of White Paper Marketing?

White paper marketing is still one of the most effective ways to enhance a brand’s authority and establish its credibility as the solution provider key decision makers need. That’s why it remains crucial for organizations in every industry to find talented writers skilled in producing this important content.

White Paper Content Marketing: Who it Serves

The term “white paper” was originally reserved for official government reports, but today is used to describe any document that is authoritative and informative in nature. Different from typical content writing, white paper marketing offers potential customers a more in-depth look at a brand’s products and services.

Writers who specialize in white papers know how to advocate on a brand’s behalf, carefully and thoroughly educating the reader on why a certain solution is the best way to go for their specific problem. Creating effective white paper marketing strategy requires not only top-notch writing skills, but a high level of skill in the art of persuasion.

White Paper Marketing

Many marketers understand the value of white papers, but still struggle with how to use them to generate leads. After all, generating leads is the purpose of a white paper. These 4 tips should help you better grasp how to craft the perfect white paper marketing strategy that captures and keeps the interest of your readers.

1. More than educational

Yes, white papers are meant to inform, but don’t forget they’re being used to market to your readers as well. While you want to educate them about the features of your product or service, remember the most important goal is help them understand why they need your solution. Otherwise, they have no reason to take the next step in their buyer’s journey.

2. Write to impress

As much as you know and love the product you’re promoting, the audience – especially at the start – is most likely to respond with a big “so what?” They don’t know enough about it yet, so it’s difficult to work up any enthusiasm over it. What they do care about, though, is solving the problem at hand, sooner rather than later. Cut through the marketing chatter by focusing on the buyer. What are his or her problems and needs? What solution are you offering them? Your white paper marketing should highlight the benefits, not the product itself.

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3. It’s still copywriting

White papers sell in a subtler way than other content marketing pieces, but they still need to persuade. Even if the product you’re writing about is complex, the copy you write must still be conversational and written in a language the intended audience relates to. To write persuasive content that builds trust, use short sentences and paragraphs, focus on the individual reader, and, as always, emphasize the benefits.

4. Attract the right audience

Even the best written white paper won’t work if it doesn’t get found and opened. There are any number of ways you can promote your white paper marketing content:

  • Use an email campaign to announce its release.
  • Announce it across your social media platforms.
  • Write one or more blog posts that draw from it.
  • Offer it as a piece of premium content.

One of the most effective ways to promote a white paper is with a dedicated landing page. Instead of sending prospects to your homepage, keep them focused by using a highly-customized page that has no distractions and offers a brief, powerful message that promotes the benefits of your product or service.

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The Bottom Line for White Paper Marketing

White papers, done right, are highly effective marketing tools. They require solid copywriting skills and knowledge of content marketing techniques, but the impact they can have on a reader’s buying decision make investing your time and effort in them well worth it. To learn more about creating great white paper content, check out our white paper, "What is Content Marketing? And Why It's So Important!"

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