5 Tricks for Writing Captivating Email Newsletter Content

    With all the attention given to the advent of social media and new forms of social media, it is easy to view email as somewhat dated and passé. However, the facts tell a different story.

    According to the Radicati Group, email is now the dominant form of digital communications:

    • Total of global email accounts is expected to be 4.9 billion by 2017, up from the current 3.9 billion
    • More than 100 billion business emails were sent daily in 2013
    • Business emails are projected to reach 132 billion daily by 2017
    • Workers spend as much as 28 percent of their time on emails

    Standing Above the Clutter. In other words, email is here to stay for the foreseeable future. However, you have to make a real effort with your email newsletter writing to stand out from the massive number of such emails.

    The challenge you face in this objective has several elements. Those include:

    • Getting into the inbox
    • Having the email opened
    • Generating ongoing interest

    Overcoming these hurdles requires you to develop an effective email strategy. Long gone are the days of simply jotting down a few ideas and blasting off an email to your contact list. Each email should be part of a consciously and carefully developed plan to achieve specific objectives over an extended period of time. That means producing email newsletter writing and content your contacts are pleased to see and that brings some form of real value.

    Your type of business and objectives, along with your customer expectations, will define that value proposition, from a discount to market space news to valued data or information. Whatever it is, it must be delivered in a creative and captivating manner.

    Below you will find 5 tips and tricks to make your email more appealing and appreciated. However, the first thing you should do for the success of your own efforts is to carefully scrutinize your own inbox.

    You probably receive dozens, if not hundreds, of emails daily. Ask yourself why you open any email that is not specifically from a business associate. Think about why you sign up for different newsletters and which ones you regularly read. Try to capture the essence of that successful newsletter in your own creations, and judge your own communications by a very demanding standard of valuable and interesting content.

    A newsletter is, by definition, intended to be a source of relevant and timely information. Creating newsletters that captivate start with content that meets those criteria. Beyond that fundamental requirement, you should focus on:

    5. Get the Frequency Right

    While the right frequency for your newsletter will depend on the nature of your business, there is a sweet spot where, like Goldilocks, your customer will find your communications just right, not too much or too little. Test your customer base and ask for feedback for the right timing for sending out your new emails.

    4. Make Your Emails Distinctive, Appealing and Readable

    While you don’t have to overdo it with fancy graphics, you want to focus on developing a recognized style and brand in your email newsletter writing. Your subject line should be recognizable and always catchy. Also, pay attention to the email newsletter writing process. Make it professional with good grammar and spelling. Many find it advisable to get several key headlines bulleted at the very beginning of the newsletter.

    3. Focus on Uniqueness

    Even if you’re providing information available elsewhere, add a special twist or additional insight. For example, you might include your own survey results on a hot or trending topic.

    2. Be an Authority

    Work hard to be an authority in your market space. Include your interviews with industry leaders, conduct some proprietary research, include news of your speaking at industry events, etc. Brand yourself as a source, not just a reporter

    1. Have a Personality

    Develop your own point of view and personality in your email newsletter writing. You can be cute, thoughtful, funny, or analytical depending on your goals and branding. Whatever your choice, ensure you create a persona that, again, helps your newsletter stand out from the clutter. You don’t want to be just another marketer or dry source of information.

    Emails continue to be one of the most effective and efficient marketing tools every created. Use these tips as part of your ongoing efforts to make your email newsletter writing as engaging as possible.

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