5 Critical Mistakes To Avoid With Business Blog Writing

    Blogs are a great place for businesses to establish a personality, to connect with customers, and to show themselves as leaders in their industries. Business blogs can also be a place where dry, boring, and stuffy content goes to die. In order for your business blog to be successful it has to be bright and cheerful. It has to be something that people want to read. Find success with your business blog writing by avoiding these critical mistakes.

    Mistake #1: Not Showing any Personality

    Writing business communication requires a certain formality and the results are usually lifeless. Business blog writing should be completely different from other types of business communication because you want the reader to be engaged with the content instead of feeling like they are reading an office memo.

    Engaging the reader is easier to achieve if they feel like someone real is speaking directly to them instead of feeling like a business machine is pumping out form letters at them. Relax and write as if you're penning a letter to a friend rather than constructing correspondence to a faceless business associate.

    Mistake #2: Using Too Much Jargon

    A certain amount of industry jargon is appropriate and will help you come across as authentic to your readers. However, it is best to keep most of the language clear, simple, and easy to understand. In other words, your business blog writing should be in plain English. If you're going to use jargon, be sure you're not alienating outsiders who might otherwise find your information useful.

    On the other hand, if your audience is primarily insiders, be sure you're using the right language or you'll risk looking like you're talking down to your readers or being arrogant. Know your target personas so you can strike just the right balance.

    Mistake #3: Writing With Too Much Complexity

    Business blog writing is usually not the place to showcase your beautiful prose and extensive vocabulary. Instead, a blog post is a place to showcase your ability to cut to the chase with razor-sharp clarity and leave all the fluff for romance novels.

    This might sound contradictory to the first point, however, it's all about striking the right chord with the reader so that they will relate to your content. You should definitely loosen up and write like a human, but that doesn't mean getting sidetracked and telling winded stories about your glory days as captain of the high school badminton team or stuffing your posts full of complicated words to try to sound smart.

    Mistake #4: Not Telling Stories

    The last point suggested that telling stories was one of the mistakes of business blogging, however, stories can be one of the most effective ways to make an emotional connection with your readers - as long as the stories are relevant to the points you're trying to make.

    By telling the occasional story that is lively and on point, you can let a little of your personality show while entertaining your readers in a way that sets you apart from others. A good story can also help you to motivate your readers, and help them to remember concepts better than a stack of facts in a bulleted list.

    Mistake #5: Lazy Conclusions

    It can be tempting to rush through the conclusion. You've done your research, sourced your information, and crafted the perfect post. Now it's time to slap a few sentences on the end along with a quick call-to-action and call it a day. Wrong!

    Conclusions should, at the very least, be just as energetic as your introductions. At best, a conclusion is even more engaging than the opening and ties all your points together in a neat little package. It should make the reader feel compelled to click that call-to-action. Don't throw away your last chance to capture a new follower, lead, or subscriber.

    What is the one thing that all these points have in common? Balance. You want to write posts that are funny and entertaining, but you're still writing for a business so it must always be professional. You want to connect with readers and let them know who you are while also making the informative points that you set out to make. And, remember to keep the energy level up all the way to the end of the post and save some sparks for your big finish.

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