Are Your Copywriting Services Improving The Customer Experience?

    With the current focus on content marketing and SEO, it’s easy for writers to forget that they are writing for the user, not for the search engines. When you’re providing copywriting services for clients, writing for their reader or customer is your first priority. Help your clients build an effective online strategy that improves their customers’ experience when visiting their website or interacting with any of their content. Here are some tips on how to use content as a means to drive interest, increase sales and repeat business, and inspire recommendations.

    Creating a Good Customer Experience

    Customer experience represents the heart of any brand. Experience marketing such as that done by big brands Disneyworld and Starbucks uses content to build customer expectations. Companies who want to create pleasurable experiences for their customers often use copywriting services to develop content that forms the basis for ongoing communications, even after the customer has bought. It’s all part of the customer relationship management process that’s vital to generating repeat business. After all, it’s usually once you are a Starbucks customer that you start taking note of their content, such as the special offers via Facebook and the downloadable iTunes music.

    Writing Content that Drives Interest

    “If they don’t read it, they won’t need it!” Every piece of communication is a touch point with the customer. To make your touch points count, your content needs to be read. Your copywriting services can crank out piles of SEO-optimized and nicely formatted material for your clients, all, but if nobody reads it there’s little chance of creating business from it. Keep your client’s content relevant by using:

    • current trends
    • interviews with experts, celebrities or authorities
    • reviews of books, websites, blogs and other material related to your topic
    • lists containing bite-sized pieces of information, such as handy tips, steps to follow or points to remember
    • questions and answers – the reason why FAQs are such popular content for many sites is because readers always identify with something on the list

    Connect with customers by finding the right touch points and your clients will start to see results.

    Copy that Generates Leads

    Content marketing is not just about getting readers, however; it’s about getting sales. Most client companies will use your services as a way to create content that generates leads. To add value to your client, your material needs to stick to a fairly narrow niche that closely matches the target market, include calls to action and drive users to engage with the relevant landing pages on the client’s website and social media profiles. By following the various levels of the sales funnel, you can target your copy to each stage of the buyer’s journey. Tell it as a story and optimize it for distribution by making it easily sharable and by using the language of the prospective customer that reflects his or her world.

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    Inspiring Recommendations

    Ask and you will receive. That applies to customer referrals and testimonials, too. The best referrals, however, are the ones your client doesn’t have to ask for. And those are the ones you can encourage through content. Not only should the material produced by your copywriting for clients inspire action such as sharing, it should actively ask for it, as well as for reviews. Well-written content inspires sharing and recommendation to others if it offers information of value, useful tips and advice that readers believe can benefit their friends and family members.

    Help your clients improve their customers' experience through writing compelling copy that sells, encourages sharing and delivers value to the reader.

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