Evergreen Content: A Fresh Approach To Blog Writing

    Providing quality, engaging content in your business or website blog is an integral aspect of attracting visitors and potential customers. There are a myriad of different ways to do it, but one of the most important ways is by creating evergreen blog content.

    The three key characteristics of successful evergreen content are:

    Evergreen blog content, as its name indicates, is content that applies and remains useful for many years, no matter the given date. Visitors to your website can reference a blog post or article with evergreen content and find it relevant long after it was first published.


    Timeless, meaning that this content, with the possible updated tweak or two, can be accessed anytime and still be relevant. This is in contrast to providing industry breaking news topics that may only be interesting at or near the article's date of publication.

    Valuable/High Quality

    Valuable and high quality content ensures that the article will attract a great amount of attention both when it is first published and long after. High quality content provides visitors with useful and interesting information in a concise manner.


    This works best when it is definitive content, meaning that it is in-depth, detailed and elaborates on static industry content.

    Creating timeless, definitive, and high quality evergreen content will take you longer than creating other posts and blurbs, however the following benefits make it especially valuable to business and website owners.

    Evergreen content has three key benefits for business and website owners: higher search engine rankings, increased traffic, and continual lead generation. Because these articles provide concise, quality information that can be continually relevant, over time it will rank very well in general search engine results. To take advantage of this benefit, ensure that evergreen blog content includes multiple keyword instances. High rankings lead to steady and continuous traffic to your blog, leading to a capacity to generate even more leads over time. For example, a well-optimized article with evergreen blog content can attract visitors and generate leads years after it was published.

    Creating and Maintaining Published Evergreen Content

    To create successful evergreen content articles, consider writing about your business's long term stance on industry issues, answers to frequently asked questions, tutorials or how-to guides, and resources lists of static content. Content that would not be considered evergreen-styled would be speculative content, breaking news, time or situational-specific content, and articles detailing specific events. A key question to ask is whether your content will still be as interesting and engaging to your audience a year from now.


    If you have already been maintaining a regular business or website blog, you likely have existing evergreen content. To identify it, check your blog analytics and sort published articles by amount of times viewed, eliminating topics that do not match evergreen criteria.


    Take these identified articles and make adjustments to make them more relevant and useful. For example, update any statics or expand to include any new developments in the related topic. Now is also the time to better the search engine optimization of these previously published articles. Add more keywords where applicable and link these keywords to additional pages you want better search engine ranked.


    By finding your previous evergreen successes, you can better discover what styled content might be best for future postings. Write about niche industry topics and link to curated articles.

    Of course, your blog should not be built entirely of evergreen content posts. It is important to have a variety of styled-articles. News-centric posts are important, as well as having seasonal information that can lead to immediate call-to-actions. However, having evergreen blog content mixed within creates a strong foundation for attracting visitors and gives these visitors a launching platform to discover more about your other postings and your business and website as a whole. This is why it is important to provide substantial keyword links in high ranking evergreen blog content to the other content you create (including other blog posts, web pages, and white pages) to drive audience traffic. Additionally, use social media to promote your evergreen blog content and make it a regular aspect of your inbound marketing strategy.

    Evergreen blog content is about taking a fresh approach to how you create your content. More people than ever are using the Internet as their go-to for product and service information across a wide range of industries. To capture their attention, capitalize on the benefits of blog content that never gets old.

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