Content Development Tools and Apps Guaranteed to Make Your Life Easier

    Kudos! You’ve created a content development plan that is sure to attract, engage, and convert readers. Every great content development strategy starts with a well-thought-out plan. It’s the tools you use, though, that make it easier to execute that plan.

    Helping you work faster without compromising your content’s quality should be the reason behind every tool you choose. Not every content development tool will complement the way you work, so give them a test drive and don’t be afraid to move on to the next if one falls short of expectations or needs.

    Content Development Tools for Every Occasion …

    No one said content development would be easy, but here are some of the top creative tools that will take your content from good to great in no time flat.

    • You’re probably familiar with Hubspot’s blog topic generator, but have you tried Portent’s Content Idea Generator? It’s a great resource for coming up with catchy headlines that are just the right blend of funky and clever. Headline generators are also good for sparking entire blog posts. Just type in the word you want to write about and see where the generated headline takes your imagination.
    • Have you noticed a lot of GIFs popping up on Twitter that have been made with GIPHY? GIFs are proving to be very effective for brands looking to be more relatable to their audience. GIPHY offers thousands of ready-made GIFs that you can repurpose, or you can make your own. Use them for tutorials, commentary, or to showcase products and services.
    • Google Trends is a free tool that gives you insight into how a keyword or topic has trended over time. You can also filter searches to a particular industry or geographic region.
    • Infographics display a ton of information in a visually appealing and easy-to-digest way. Piktochart is a user-friendly infographic maker with predesigned templates and layouts, design elements, shapes, fonts, and images meant to engage audiences and encourage shares.
    • Don’t forget about tools that focus on human interaction. Reedsy is geared towards book writing and publishing, but it also has a great writers’ community and a “live” segment that features top professionals who share their knowledge and experience. If you want to develop and produce better content, it pays to explore unconventional paths.
    • If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: great content is meant to convert. Sniply lets you add a call to action to every article or social media post you share. There are button snips that use backlinks, form snips that let you capture email addresses, image snips that attach custom banner images, and more.

    … and a Few Apps for Good Measure

    The Bottom Line

    These tools and apps are just the tip of the iceberg, but they can open your mind to new and exciting ways to create content that is relevant, useful, and entertaining. If you write for multiple clients, they are a great way to quickly tailor content to various market and audience needs.

    As trends or needs change, stay on the lookout for emerging tools that might improve your productivity. These always reliable “assistants” can bring much relief when you’re faced with developing new topics and creating new content. Yes, keeping the good ideas flowing can be a challenge, but the right tools and apps will help you meet those challenges head-on!

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