Is Your Blogging Strategy Going in the Right Direction?

    Are You Struggling With Your Blogging Strategy?

    Starting a blog can be one of the most exciting things you do. A lot of satisfaction comes from writing useful content, building a loyal audience, gathering enthusiastic subscribers, and mapping out a successful future. At least at first. For many bloggers, the bloom is off the rose fairly quickly when they realize just how much time and hard work is involved. All your high expectations of quick success are dealt a dose of reality when you realize reading about blogging and actually implementing a blogging strategy are two different things.

    How Do You Define Success with your Blogging Strategy?

    Every blogger defines success in her or his own way. Some strive for a healthy following, while others seek a path to substantial ad revenue. It’s important to know what you want to accomplish with your blogging strategy before you can determine if it’s headed in the right direction. Only then can you tailor your blog to attract the readers who can help you reach your goal. If you’ve been blogging for a while and are questioning whether you’re on the right path, here are some things to consider.

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    Your Blog, Your Path

    Before we begin, stop for a moment and give yourself a pat on the back. Most bloggers abandon their blogs when the going gets rough. The fact that you want to improve yours says a lot about your ultimate chances for success. So, take that thought to the bank and see if any of these scenarios apply to where you currently are with your blog.

    • Do You Absolutely Hate Running It? It’s a sure sign that something has to change if you simply can’t stand writing blog posts any longer. This isn’t about writer’s block or a temporary slump. It’s a black hole so dense you can’t seem to escape it.
    • Are Your Subscribers Disappearing? If your readers are no longer as engaged as they once were – or have disappeared altogether – it may be time to change your blogging strategy's direction. Some drop-off now and then is normal, but if you’re not seeing a slow, steady growth over many months, it’s time to re-evaluate your content, posting schedule, and/or social media strategy.
    • Do People Comment? Using comments as a success metric can be tricky. A lot of comments can be a good sign, but not if they’re a bunch of “hey, great post!” remarks. A few meaningful comments are far better, as they indicate readers are finding value in what you share and, hopefully, are sharing it with others.
    • Have You Gone Through Significant Life Changes? If your life has changed in important ways, it may not make sense to continue writing about topics that don’t resonate. An obvious example is if you started your blog about solo traveling, but now take all your trips with your spouse and children. You don’t necessarily have to move on, but take an honest look at whether you’re still in a position to write from a point of view you no longer have first-hand experience in.
    • Does Your Niche Still Work? Assuming you’ve clearly defined your niche in the first place, do you still have a passion for it? Does your writing reflect that passion? Readers will know if you’re just phoning it in, so if your niche is no longer working for you, don’t hesitate to change it. Bloggers do it all the time. Just remember to make the changes gradually, and keep your readers informed on what you’re doing. People love supporting others as they grow and change.
    • Are People Linking to You? Your blog’s traffic, social interaction, and search rankings are all the direct result of high quality links. The best way to generate quality links is through great content that gets seen by the people who need it. If over time you’re not seeing an increase in people linking to your site, you need to figure out why. There’s no getting around it: you must write quality content worth linking to.

    There’s More Than One “Right” Blogging Strategy Direction

    Remember, how you define success is the ultimate indicator of whether your blogging strategy is going in the “right” direction. However, if you’re not happy with your current results, consider using one or more of these ideas to help ensure your blog lives up to its fullest potential. Happy blogging!

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