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Top 6 Signs You Write Boring Content

Does Your Content Match One of These Boring Content Marketing Examples?

If you have noticed that your blog posts are going unread and unshared, you are not alone. Around 70 percent of content receives no engagement, reports 1st Quality Content, and a big reason for this is that many posts are simply boring content. Sounds like this could be the case for you? Look out for these boring content marketing examples.

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1. You Are Bored of Your Own Content

However hard you try to make your content interesting, if you feel bored as you write, you are sure to communicate this emotion to your audience. The solution: write about a topic that you do find interesting. This is even possible for B2B companies. In fact, changing the subject can do wonders for your blog — very few (if any) readers want to see the same boring topics presented in a slightly different way over and over again.

Enchanting Marketing recommends overcoming these boring content marketing examples by setting yourself a challenge, such as using a metaphor for you next piece, trying a different length of post, or experimenting with a novel writing technique.

2. Your Boring Content Is Generic

You need to give your audience a reason to read your content above all the other pieces that are already out there. If you create generic pieces with regurgitated information, you have almost no chance of being noticed. Generic content is particularly harmful as it suggests that your brand has nothing new to add and ruins the image that you are an expert in your field, which is something you are relying on to gain conversions from your content.

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3. Your Posts Are Too Complex

Too much information in one piece becomes confusing and hard to follow. Each one of your posts should be based around a single idea, and you should reserve any complementary ideas you have for future pieces. This may seem to go against logic — surely your content marketing examples should be full of facts, opinions, and concepts to avoid being dull? Actually, if you only briefly touch on a point before rushing into the next, your audience is more likely to tune out.

4. Your Content Lacks Personality

Readers are looking to be entertained in even the most informative content, and this is actually good news, as it gives you an ideal chance to represent the personality of your brand. If your writing is dry, overly formal, or patronizing, you will form a bad impression of your company. Better to be humorous, professional, upbeat, authoritative, caring, or just about anything that makes you unique. If you are guilty of this, you can try to breathe new life into the boring content to improve its engagement.

5. Your Writing Style Is Unsophisticated

The ability to write well is a quality that few marketers possess. Your team should include a skilled content writer who knows how to engage with your audience, makes appropriate language choices, and avoids novice mistakes like flowery language, jargon, excessive words, and abstract nouns.

6. You Use Content Solely to Promote Your Business

If pieces that focused on products and services led to great engagement and a high number of conversions, it would certainly make your life easier. Unfortunately, they don’t. Readers turn to content to learn something new, solve a problem, or brighten up a boring day — and pieces that are purely promotional only make your audience’s day more dull. Every post you write must bring value to your readers’ lives. If you want to mention your products in some of your posts, include them in a call-to-action at the end.

Apply all of the above to each content marketing example you write and you will be sure to notice a difference in engagement. As more people come to see your business blog as a source of valuable information, the number of return visits will increase and you will ultimately gain more conversions. To learn how to grab the attention of readers, check out our white paper, "Your Blog Titles Don't Have to Be Boring!" Or, if you feel like you need the help of a professional content writing agency, learn what to look for in our white paper, "Don’t Hire a Content Marketing Agency Without Reading This First."

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