Secure Your Rankings With These SEO Content Creation Tips

    Develop SEO Content Creation Strategy to Convert People into Loyal Customers

    Content-strategy SEO brings the right people to your website by way of the right search terms. If you want your brand to be noticed – and your message to be heard – it’s important to understand just how important it is to create great content. That’s how great search engine optimization is powered. For a long time, SEO was viewed strictly as a driver of traffic, conversions, and revenue. But an SEO plan developed around a content marketing strategy is what it takes today to engage people and convert them into fans and loyal customers.

    SEO Content Creation Tips

    It might seem that you’re the last person standing who doesn’t really “get” SEO. But there are plenty of SMBs who, because they spend the majority of their time focused on day-to-day operations, aren’t all that tech-savvy. It’s probably safe to say the majority of SMBs are confused and maybe even stressed about how to best utilize online marketing and SEO content creation. And the situation isn’t helped by the constantly changing landscape. Where keyword density once overshadowed content, since 2013 the standards have changed.

    The new SEO is all about satisfying your audience’s thirst for quality content. The focus is now on writing compelling, engaging, informative, relevant and, above all else, useful content. No one has (yet) invented a software product that makes smart SEO choices for you, but these SEO content creation tips can help you get your content right the first time.

    Optimize SEO Content Creation for Click-Through Rate

    Think about all the criteria your audience is relying on when they choose among search results. In addition to keywords and meta descriptions, what appears in the search engine result that tells a customer what they’ll find at your site after they click?

    • The title and the content description should match what they’re looking for.
    • The URL should reflect their interests.
    • The content should be relevant and recent, not dated.

    Increase Content’s Staying Power

    If you want a successful inbound marketing plan, you need to find an SEO content creation strategy that has staying power. You also need to project an image of integrity, professionalism, and value by:

    • Being authentic and credible. There’s simply no faking it. When your brand is perceived as authentic, your audience shows its appreciation through loyalty and referrals.
    • Providing value that is focused on your audiences’ needs. What does your brand have to offer as the solution to their problem?
    • Being consistent in offering those solutions. Your blog and social media channels should be updated on a regular schedule, and your content should stay focused on your brand’s niche.

    Provide Lasting Value

    The better your content satisfies the information needs of your visitors, the more relevant it will be to search engine algorithms. While content marketing can provide short-term results, it is a long-term strategy. Most marketers love to see a quick return on their SEO content creation investment, but it takes time – often six to 12 months – to see meaningful results. The good news is that, once your content marketing begins to produce results, the returns are long-lasting and compounding.

    • Use SEO terms that broaden the view of the problem at hand. For example, if you are targeting people searching for European vacations, include more specific terms like Paris, Italy. Or if you sell sporting equipment, include brand names like Nike, Adidas, or New Balance.
    • To reach your niche audience, use SEO terms that identify your brand as an industry leader who speaks your customer’s language and fully understands her or his lifestyle.

    The Big Picture for SEO Content Creation Strategy

    As always, tracking and data analysis play important roles in your SEO content marketing strategy. Experts believe two new key performance indicators are particularly important to follow right now:

    • Shares and links per 1,000 visits.
    • Return visitor ratio over time.

    As long as your averages consistently increase, even slightly, search engines will notice.

    Remember, search is still how most people find new content on line. Though you may not write the content yourself, it helps to understand the basics of SEO writing so that you can confidently guide your inbound marketing campaigns. In the end, the best SEO content creation tips are to write like a human, use interesting and descriptive titles, link to other people and sites, and have others link to you. Using the organic SEO tips outlined above will help you create a solid foundation to support all of your SEO efforts.

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