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Top 10 Social Video Marketing Statistics You Need to Know for 2021

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#10.  81% of businesses use video marketing — up from 63% vs last year (HubSpot)

#09.  88% of marketers are happy with the ROI they get from their social video efforts (Animoto)

#08.  59% of executives say they would rather watch a video than read text (WordStream)


Instagram saw the largest growth in driving purchases, increasing from 31% in 2017 to 48% in 2018. (Animoto)

#06.  73% of consumers claim they’ve been influenced by social media when making a purchasing decision (Demand Metric)

#05.  53% engage with a brand after watching a video on social media. Engagement primarily involved visiting the company’s website or conducting further investigation into the product or service (Smart Insights)

#04.  Instagram has seen the greatest success for video marketers, with over 88% of marketers saying it’s been successful for them (Wyzowl)

#03.  Videos are a consumers’ favorite type of content to see from a brand on social media (Animoto)

#02.  Social video generates 12x more shares than text and images combined (WordStream)

#01.  Social media posts with video have nearly 50% more views than those that use photos or just text (HubSpot)

Other Video Marketing Statistics

Seeing is believing. Video marketing, in all its forms, is an important way to reach, inform, and convert customers. When planning your marketing content for the coming year, video marketing should play a prominent role in your overall strategy.

Marketing studies show that video marketing:

  • Attracts more consumers
  • Helps create brand awareness
  • Holds viewers’ attention longer
  • Is more understandable
  • Remembered longer
  • Results in more sales

For small, startup, or medium-sized companies, these conclusions should be enough to adopt a video marketing platform for your 2021 campaign.

Below are 50 statistics from a variety of sources that depict consumer behavior and the growing importance of effective video marketing.

How Video Marketing Can Be Used

Video presentations offer effective ways to explain why a product is important, when it is used, and how it works. Video support can be used in many ways including:

  • Advertisements
  • Products in action videos
  • Explanations
  • Video Blogs
  • Webinars
  • Tutorials
  • Consumer Testimonials
  • Live streams
  • Interviews

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Growing Importance of Video

Every marketing campaign begins with a single objective: To increase the traffic of interested and qualified buyers. Creating the opportunity to present the positive benefits of your goods to services to the greatest number of potential users is the target.

Since a growing percentage of product searches and conversions are performed online, an engaging video marketing campaign can make a difference.

Is Video Marketing Really so Essential?

01.  87% of professional marketers use video as an important tool. (Oberlo)

02.  According to a December 2108 survey by Smart Insights, 83% of respondents viewed video marketing as becoming more important.

03.  Demand Metric’s State of Video Marketing respondents reported that 85% use video marketing on their websites and 84% employ videos on social media. (Smart Insights)

Attracting Potential Buyers

04.  Using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%. (Forbes)

05.  According to Google, 6 out of 10 consumers would rather watch online videos than television.

06.  Eight of ten 18 to 49 year-olds watch YouTube. (Google)

07.  Worldwide Users view over one billion hours of YouTube each day. (YouTube)

08.  YouTube is the second most active search engine attracting over 1.3 billion viewers per day in 2017. (Videonitch)

09.  Over 500 million users are watching video on Facebook each day. (Forbes)


Video marketers gain 66% more qualified leads through video marketing. (Oberlo)

11.  82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter. (WordStream)

12.  Of the businesses offering a video marketing experience, 76% report increased traffic. (Oberlo)

13.  Mobile and tablet users are three times more likely to view a video marketing presentation that laptop or desktop users. (Forbes)

14.  84% of marketers have used Facebook as a channel for video marketing, with 85% saying that doing so has been successful. (Smart Insights)

15.  Video will account for 78% of mobile data traffic in 2018. (Smart Insights)

16.  Internet video traffic will make up over 80% of all consumer internet traffic in the next four years. (Forbes)

17.  75% of all video advertising is viewed on mobile devices. (eMarketer)

18.  In 2018, 1,58 billion people watched video on YouTube. (eMarketer)

19.  83% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. (Forbes)

More Memorable- Hold Viewers’ Attention Longer

20.  According to ThinkWithGoogle, 50% of internet users use videos to start their search for a specific product or service before visiting or calling a store.

21.  Viewers retain 95% of a video message compared to 10% when reading it in text. (WordStream)

22.  92% of users watching a video on mobile devices will share it with others. (WordStream)

23.  95% of viewers report they are more likely to remember a call to action on a video than with other types of marketing. (Oberlo)

24.  Visual Data is processed 60,000 times faster than text by the brain. (WireBuzz)


Blog posts incorporating video attract 3x as many inbound links as blog posts without video. (WordStream)

26.  85% of all internet users in the United States watched online video content monthly on any of their devices. (Oberlo)

27.  72% of all viewers prefer video over text. (Oberlo)

28.  Findings from Brightcove’s 2018 Video Marketing Survey determined that 21% of all consumers view video is the most memorable marketing content compared to display ads (13%), email campaigns (9%), and text advertisements (2%).

29.  29% of Millennial's view video marketing as more memorable. (Brightcove Inc.)

30.  45% of all consumers and 56% of Millennial's choose video advertising over all other forms of brand building communication.

31.  The average mobile viewing session on YouTube lasts 40 minutes. (Videonitch)

32.  Video marketers experience 27% higher click-through rates with video marketing. (Impact)

33.  Average user spends 88% more time on a website where video marketing is present. (Forbes)

Increasing Engagement and Conversions

34.  64% of consumers are more likely to buy after watching a marketing video. (Forbes)

35.  72% of businesses say that video marketing has improved their conversion rate. (Impact)

36.  46% of viewers act after watching a video ad. (WordStream)


Businesses that use video marketing on their websites experienced a 66% higher conversion rate. (Aberdeen)

38.  23% of marketers have used interactive video to engage potential customers. (Smart Insights)

39. Video marketers achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness. (Oberlo)

40.  According to Smart Insights, 93% of businesses report gaining at least one new customer directly from a social media video.

41.  Over 75% of consumers engage with a brand after viewing one of their videos on Instagram (Brightcove)

42.  66% of Millennial's reported engaging with the brand after viewing a video on social media. (Brightcove Inc.)

43.  Consumers believe it is important to see a video when shopping online. This need is particularly important with personal electronics, appliances, tools, and software. (Brightcove Inc.)

44.  54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. (Oberlo)

45.  Combining video with full-page ads boosts engagement by 22%. (WordStream)

46.  97% of marketing executives have stated that video marketing has increased potential customers’ understanding of their products. (HubSpot)

47.  39% of executives who have watched a marketer’s site video have called to talk about the product or service. (Forbes)


52% of consumers felt that viewing a video made them more confident to purchase the product. (Impact)

49.  96% of B2B businesses use video for their marketing. (Impact)

50.  73% of B2B businesses report a positive ROI improvement with video marketing. (Impact)

Marketing continues to veer away from text-heavy descriptions and move aggressively toward video presentations. Possible trends include:

  • Live Video:  More live video is indicated. In support of live video marketing, 80% prefer to view a live video depicting a brand than to read their blog. Similarly, 82% prefer live video to social posts. (Impact)
  • 360° Video:  Being able to see a product or location in from every angle is particularly important for sports viewing, travel, and news.
  • Virtual Reality:  Creating videos that place the viewer in a scene using the product or experiencing the visual sensations will be an important opportunity for many products and services.
  • Vlogging:  Video Blogs are becoming important ways to hold a viewer’s attention while visually explaining the advantages of the product or service.
  • Training:  Video continues to grow as a training and instructional tool. Users learn and retain better with visual guidance.

Video Marketing Will Continue to Expand

The evidence is compelling. At each stage of the sales cycle, video marketing and social media will continue to expand as an essential strategy for delivering your company’s message and growing your brand in 2021 and beyond. Increasing your reach, persuading conversions, and maintaining their loyalty through social media must be an important part of your company’s strategy.

Video marketing can be introduced in many channels for mobile access. Besides informative videos on your website, you can present video marketing programs effectively in other media destinations as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Square, LinkedIn, and more.

Finally, because more Millennial's use video to make purchasing decisions, companies must develop strong digital video marketing strategies to survive in the coming decades.

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