3 Useful Tools to Help You Create Even Better Content for Your Clients

    Whether you want to increase productivity, improve the quality of your content, or generate more ideas, there are numerous tools out there to choose from. As it can be difficult to know which are worth using and which are a waste of time, we have created this list featuring three of the best.

    1. Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

    Titles are just as important as the body of your posts. Without an attention-grabbing title, you have no chance of drawing your readers in. To use the Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer, simply submit a title of 20 words or less and select a category that best describes the industry of your client from a drop-down list. The tool will provide you with an Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) in the form of a percentage. Creators of the app recommend that you aim for a minimum of 30 percent, but between 50 and 75 percent is ideal. The tool also gives you a classification that expresses how your headline will affect your audience: intellectually, empathetically, or spiritually.

    2. Hemingway

    Named for the concise writing style of the greater writer, the Hemingway app is a free web tool that assesses sentence structure, style, and readability to ensure content is easy for your audience to consume. After you submit your content, the app will tell you how many sentences are hard to read and how many are very hard to read along with instances of adverbs and the passive voice (including a recommendation of how many you should aim for according to your word count). All the above are highlighted in the text through a color-coded system, and you can make corrections to the text within the app.

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    3. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

    If you are running out of ideas for new posts and you want to avoid generic content, you may benefit from HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator. Simply input three nouns into the boxes and the tool will generate five fresh, inspiring headlines (or a week’s worth of blog post titles, as the app calls it.) Usually, the titles are perfectly coherent, but some may need some minor grammatical tweaking.

    Once you start using these tools, don’t be surprised if your clients comment on the higher quality of your blog posts, the greater engagement they are receiving with their content, and the unique ideas you are producing.

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