When the Content Well Runs Dry...3 Ways to Find Your Inspiration Again

    Coming up with fresh content for multiple clients can be a draining process. With so much pressure to deliver uniquely crafted content on the same topics time and time again, facing a dry well of ideas once in awhile is a serious possibility. But as you know, clients aren't concerned with how you come up with the ideas for their content as long as you deliver what they need on time – so it's important to push through those content idea droughts by coming up with new brainstorming methods and techniques. Here are three effective options to consider:  

    Keep a Running List

    Every time you sit down to think up new ideas for client content, write everything that comes to mind down whether or not you think it's helpful at the time. Keep your list handy so you can refer to it when you're having a hard time developing new ideas on your own. You might be surprised at how often your list provides inspiration for a new angle or aspect that you've never thought of before.

    Create two or three basic categories for your list so you can keep your ideas organized, which will make it easy to refer to the ideas that correspond to the particular niche that you happen to be working with at the time. Storing your list electronically will give you access to it through your Smartphone or laptop no matter where you are when the ideas start popping up.

    Consider Feedback

    A great way to compile new ideas, angles, and insights for content creation is to dig into reader comments that have been left on content that you've previously published for your clients. Readers often leave hints about what kind of content would be well received by offering constructive criticism, asking questions, and providing personal insight into the topic at hand.

    You can also frequent consumer forums to learn what topics are buzzing within the community, and which aspects or angles of those topics have a demand for fresh content. You'll likely get plenty of fresh ideas from forum posters to help you craft original titles and topics your clients (and their readers) will love.

    Put a Spin on Keyword Research

    When doing keyword research on a particular topic for the hundredth time, jot down a few off-topic ideas that somehow relate to the original niche that you're working with, and see if you can work those topics into your content by searching for keyword phrases that combine the two ideas. For example, if you're researching keywords about decoration ideas for an apartment community client, you can branch out your ideas to include furniture refinishing, do-it-yourself woodworking projects, or even carpet stain remedies.

    In addition to taking advantage of these tips and tricks, one of the most important things you can do to reinvent topics so they're fresh for readers is to think outside the box every time you brainstorm. Try to come up with one new way to infuse different ideas into your content preparation process. 

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