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4 Reasons Your Business Should Be Creating eBooks

A lot of times, when business owners hear the word "eBook," they immediately shy away. eBooks are for people who are interested in reading something on their Nook or Kindle while at the beach. How could a business get anything out of creating an eBook? However, eBooks are a lot more than fictional guilty pleasures that people read on the train during their commute to work. There are also informational eBooks, and that is what your business should be focusing on.

Every business needs to have a lead generation strategy, or a way to get people to sign up to your email list. And creating eBooks is the perfect way to do that. By creating an eBook to use as your lead magnet, you're proving that you're a thought leader in your industry by providing valuable information to current and potential customers. Ebooks can be written a variety of different ways, but they are typically 10+ pages and can take quite a few man hours to complete. This is why many business owners choose to hire an eBook writing service If you're contemplating hiring an eBook writing service for your own lead generation strategy, here are a few reasons to create eBooks for your business.

1. They attract targeted leads.

Because your eBook should be on a topic relevant to your business, if a user is interested in your eBook, it's likely that they're interested in your product or service. This means you're exchanging an eBook for the email address of a targeted potential customer, increasing the value of your leads and the ROI of your eBook.

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2. They help to build your email list.

Each eBook that your business creates should be used as a lead magnet. This means that you should use it as a collateral for email addresses. Creating landing pages or including a pop-up on your homepage is a great way to promote your eBooks and get visitors to download them in exchange for an email address. This helps to increase your email list with targeted leads who could potentially turn into customers.

3. They help position you as an industry expert.

Creating eBooks about your industry lets visitors to your website know that you know what you're talking about. You have a wealth of knowledge about your industry and you're willing to share it with your audience. This separates you from your competition, which can be extremely important depending on your industry.

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4. Improve your content marketing strategy.

Your content marketing strategy should include blogs, email marketing, social media marketing, and eBooks. The other three are the most common forms of content marketing, and eBooks can improve your content marketing even more. A blog is 300-600 word article on your website. An eBook is a 10+ informational PDF that is able to be downloaded in exchange for an email or a small price. It's a much more in-depth article and really pushes your content marketing up a notch.

If you're looking for an eBook writing service to help out with your content marketing, contact us to set up an initial consultation. To learn more, check out our own eBook for the Writer Hiring Checklist.

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