How To Create Great Content? Ask The Right Questions!

    A good content writer is like a good reporter, says Diana Huff for Content Marketing Like a good news story, quality content pages are interesting and answer the questions that readers would ask if they had the opportunity.

    For your clients, finding writers who ask the right questions can unearth the story behind the routine prose or pictures, the story that will interest potential buyers. What questions should be asked? The answer is as individual as the company, but here are a few content marketing tips:

    1. Why is it important?

    Facts and photos are nice, but they generally aren't compelling enough to get a reader to buy. A picture of a nice, new manufacturing plant is kind of boring...until you realize that the new facility will allow the company to ship goods faster or keep costs down by consolidating operations. To ensure that their keywords and topics are focused, your clients need to get to the heart of the story so they can let readers know how this addition will benefit them.

    2. What's the problem?

    All good sales copy identifies a problem and offers a solution. According to Writing for the, pin-pointing the reader's problem is key to selling and getting found on the Web. Before your clients get bogged down with features and benefits, advise them to state the problem and tell the reader how their product can solve it. As an agency, you need to help your client identify their customers' problem(s), even those the customer doesn't realize s/he has.

    3. How can this product help?

    It's nice that your client's ebook has 250 pages and is illustrated with glossy photos, but how do those features help a reader solve a problem or fulfill a need? Ask questions that will get your client thinking like her customer thinks.

    Good Internet sales copy isn't just well-written. It motivates people to see how a product will fill a need and/or solve a problem. Even the most beautiful prose is useless to a client if it can't accomplish those tasks. Practice asking the right questions and using these content marketing tips. Your clients will be creating effective web content in no time.

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