4 Questions To Ask Before You Start Content Marketing

    The hottest buzzwords in the world of marketing are all about content. With all of the hype it could be hard for your clients to determine whether or not content marketing is really that important.

    Actually, it is.

    Before you and your clients dive head first into the ocean of content marketing, it is a good idea to be prepared and know what works and what does not. As preparation, ask your clients these four critical questions regarding their content marketing initiatives:

    What’s the point?

    Ask yourself why you should use content marketing in the first place. In a recent Business Insider article the purpose of your content writing should be carefully examined before you begin. Is your intent to generate additional traffic for a business website? Do you need to increase the number of customers? Will you be introducing new products and services? Would you like to cultivate existing customers to get additional business from them? Are you expanding to new markets and need to get attention and build brand awareness? Make sure your content marketing initiatives have solid goals that align with the business objectives.

    Who’s reading this?

    A Marketing Profs article emphasizes how important it is for businesses to define their target audience before launching any marketing initiative. Understanding the demographics and habits of your potential customers will help you to better tailor the messages through your content marketing campaigns. The more pertinent your message is, the more willing your target audience will be to take the next step to your website or to buy.

    Does the content really help?

    Your content marketing message should not be the “same old same old” recycled information that is commonplace. Introduce a new, fresh perspective on your subject that can enlighten the reader while educating. Perhaps your business solves a problem in a better way, or maybe the audience is not that familiar with the features and benefits of some items.

    Where do I go?

    Your content marketing strategy should encompass more than just a website or blog. Consider leveraging multiple media outlets including emerging online markets such as Pinterest and even Instagram. Another Marketing Profs article explains how social media should be a part of your overall content marketing strategy and how emerging trends can reap great benefits for your business. Also, check out our blog, where we explain how a variety of methods including guest posting, video marketing and other techniques can build traffic with content marketing.

    Your content marketing initiative can be a very worthwhile effort – with the right approach and the right goals in mind.

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