Good Content Vs. Link Building: Where Is Your Focus?

    Effective online marketing includes a variety of tactics, all geared toward increasing web traffic. One of the tactics used by web marketers is link building. However, SEO content experts have surmised that content marketing has some distinct advantages over the popular link building modality. Below are some aspects to consider for content marketing and link building website promotion.

    1. Natural web traffic results.

    Serious web marketers have discovered that there is a big distinction between purchasing or asking for links and earning them. Winning links most easily come after providing the best web content possible. As consumers and web surfers increasingly connect with what you have to say, they will naturally decide to link to your website.

    2. Easier return on investment measurement.

    Because you can measure the value of web content much more easily than links, content allows for a much more effective way to reach the desired audience. It can be challenging to quantify link values by themselves, since there are so many technical factors involved in link building:

    • Anchor text
    • Popularity of links
    • Diversity of links
    • Page trust
    • Link rank or quality
    • Domain link quality
    • Domain rank
    • Domain trust

    In contrast, quantifying how web content attracts more visitors to your site can be done by simply tracking how many:

    • Links that an article brings
    • Social visits are received
    • Referrals were generated
    • Web visitors were converted to customers

    3. Brand building.

    Many web marketers have learned to understand that Google has a special affinity for specific brands. This is because brands carry their own identify, reputation and usually, social following. These aspects make brands more authentic, particularly in the eyes of search engines.

    Also, it has become much less effective to try to decipher and conquer Google’s algorithms by employing either SEO tactics or attempting to use quick fixes. In addition:

    • Link building tends to carry specific authenticity issues.
    • There is no penalty for creating and using good content to your advantage. 
    • Providing engaging, entertaining and useful information will put you and your website at the forefront.

    Also, the information age embraces data sharing, which leads to more website visitors and possible conversions.

    4. Authorities and thought leaders.

    Using on page SEO for social media is a relevant tactic in content marketing. However, it is always about the audience. Putting prospective customers first is what will determine how well social media reputation grows. When Google discovers your best web content, blogs and websites can expand audiences.

    5. Cost effectiveness.

    Great web content producers and writers cost much less than a staff of link builders. Finding a reputable SEO professional who specifically specializes in link building can be a very difficult prospect. However, there are many more writers and content marketing firms that are very competent and proficient at producing the kind of high quality content that your website requires.

    6. Social media usage.

    As your website and blog gain more popularity, more consumers will visit and share them socially. The more interesting the content is to them, the more connected to your message they will become. Creating strong profiles and “about” web pages can lead Google to a greater level of trust.

    In addition, the public, who will become your readership and audience, will also trust you and your reputation will grow. In turn, this creates natural links, which really are the only viable ones to have. Links that are paid for are rarely shared with other web users and it is that sort of momentum that is required in order for link building to actually work.

    7. Increased scalability.

    Building an SEO team is difficult. Some of the issues that may be faced may include:

    • Finding an individual or firm with a sufficient level of experience.
    • Due to cost concerns, it may be necessary to hire less experienced SEOs.
    • Discovering that they are not a good fit, requiring you to replace them and begin again.

    On the other hand, content marketers are less expensive and, therefore, much easier to utilize. There are many seasoned writers available who are also very savvy at employing SEO tactics. It is much easier to assemble an effective marketing team with capable writers than it would ever be to find reputable link builders.

    The bottom line is that online businesses and anyone desiring to accelerate marketing efforts should embrace content marketing. Using information to market websites with the most unique content possible serves to establish you and your site as an authority. This can also easily lead to a very substantial social presence. Therefore, website owners should strongly consider using content to further their marketing efforts online.

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