Agency Touchpoint: June 13, 2012

    Welcome to our first Agency Touchpoint blog post, bringing you articles from around the web, and from our team here at Interact Media, from the month of May. Our hope is to share the top news and resources to help you and your agency stay on top of content marketing trends, and better serve your clients. Enjoy!

    Do Brands and Agencies Use Content Marketing Differently? [Research]

    On Content Marketing Institute, Michele Linn (@MicheleLinn) remixes the 2012 Digital Content Marketing Survey to compare responses of agencies and brands, side-by-side.

    A few notable stats:

    • 87% of agencies use blogging compared to 69% of brands.
    • 62% of agencies see good results from blogging vs. 48% of brands.
    • 44% of agencies and 52% of brands say “professional-level writing” is a top attribute when evaluating the services of a content provider; followed by “truly custom content” at 37% and 39%.

    View the full post for additional results from the report.

    Should You Be Worried about Google’s Latest “Penguin” Update?

    Copyblogger’s Sonia Simone (@SoniaSimone) encourages us to remove anxieties toward Google’s latest animal, and instead continue the focus of creating original, quality content, written by humans for humans.

    Sonia particularly points out the “overoptimization” penalty, which targets excessive linking and keyword stuffing. She reminds us to write for humans, not search engines, by providing educational, well-written content.

    For more details on the Penguin Update, and tips for responding to it, check out the full post.

    The Content Marketing Marathon for Agencies

    Agencies that leverage talent, technology and efficiencies, can increase their bandwidth for delivering content services, and make it a lucrative piece of their business. However, the only path to success is sticking it out for the long run.

    This Interact Media post by founder Steve Lazuka (@stevelazuka) reflects on the challenges and opportunities for agencies managing an outsourced content team, and how to offer scalable content services to clients.

    View the full post for seven tips to outsource a content creation team for your agency.

    Infographic of the Month: Understanding the Content Marketing Explosion

    This infographic is actually from February, but it tells a powerful story about the growth of content marketing. Articles, social media and blogging lead the tactics utilized by content marketers.

    The infographic reminds us that, as agency professionals, we must stay abreast of emerging trends, and continuously evolve our competencies and content services to better serve clients.

    If there are any important articles that we missed, or if you have comments or thoughts on the articles above, please share in the comments.

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