Innovative Web Content: Your Key To Success

    Does your client's website have the look and feel of everyone else's? Does their blog read like every other blog on every other site? To get ahead and set their website apart from others you have to get innovative with their web content. This is not as hard to do as you might think.

    Escape from the crowd

    To separate yourself from the pack you have probably been told to "think outside the box." To do so with your client's website and its content you may have to think like there is no box! All this means is that you have to really get inventive with your web content.

    You may have done all the right things with your client's website and blog. You may have a great marketing plan in place. But, doing all the correct things does not guarantee success for your client's business. Many others are doing the same thing. You may have to get ingenious with your online content to really shine.

    Innovative tips for your web content

    Following are some actions you can take to get a website and its content noticed. The same old tactics you may have been using have probably kept your client running with the herd. Your goal is help them lead that herd. Here are some tips:

    Match marketing to image

    Before getting too creative make sure you take into account what type of image you want people to have of your business. If you are a high-technology electrical company, a float in the Christmas Parade with all the latest bells and whistles in your industry would probably go over quite well. If you are the funeral home, probably not! Match your marketing to the type of image you want to portray. Keep this consistent on your website.

    More than one voice

    Your brand needs to be consistent within your marketing campaigns. It is better to have more than one voice for the brand, though. In many advertising campaigns people get tired of the same person doing the spots. The company will change their spokesperson from time to time. Do so with your company blog and other content on your website.

    Your company has a range of talent over all its departments. Enlist some of these people to add content to your site. Make sure they are not all in the marketing department. The exception to this would be if something goes viral on your site. If this happens ride the wave for as long as you can.

    Stories, not press releases

    Does your web content read like a press release? Are blog entries nothing more than sales letters? Then do away with that type of content. Every company has a story. Tell it. Let people see your business through a storyteller's eyes. Engage your followers on a personal level. Everyone loves a good story.

    It's not always about the industry

    Many websites have wonderful content about what is going on in their industry and how their company is excelling in their field of endeavor. Chances are all these sites look and feel about the same. Set yourself apart from the crowd. Did your company sponsor a Little League team? Write about it. Did your employees take part in a bike-a-thon? Let the world know about it on your website. Write a story about it and make sure to put plenty of visual aids for all to see. Show people your firm has a heart and soul.

    Do the unexpected

    After a while your web content might get a bit predictable. Shake things up by doing the unexpected. Put up a piece of content that no one saw coming. It might not even be related to your industry or company mission. See what happens. Gather feedback from your followers and gauge what they think about the content. This could turn out to be just a delightful diversion or you might get some insight into new areas your company can market.

    Don't be old and stale

    Your client's website and web content have to be constantly updated to be truly effective. While you are updating this information don't just settle for what everyone else is doing. Take an innovative approach to the material on the site.

    This creativity will be a key to your client's continued prosperity. Be innovative and be successful!

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