Blog Content: Keep It Creative

    You know how important it is to have a blog. You also know it's important to keep it updated on a regular basis. Posting timely and relevant information on your client's blog has become essential to their success.

    The Issue

    So you've taken all the right steps to employ blog content in your client's marketing plan. The numbers are there. Everything is working great. But you've been blogging for a while now. How are you going to keep finding new and original blog content to publish?

    It's not hard to find ways to incorporate fresh and creative content. You'll have to become innovative, though. With the correct tactics and strategy you can keep the great blog content coming and your client's followers engaged.

    Keep Great Content Flowing

    Following are a few creative ideas that can help keep blog content fresh. These will help engage existing followers and hopefully grab the attention of new ones. Here are a few things you can do:

    Develop a weekly feature

    Putting up some kind of weekly feature will give readers something to look forward to at the same time every week. This content may or may not be dealing with your business. Give your followers a place to go on a constant basis and they will automatically think about you. On a Friday you might post some kind of fun adventure for the weekend. You can feature a different song each week and explain why you like it. Changing up content once a week might attract new readers. And these readers might stick around to read you at other times of the week.

    It's not all about you

    Many bloggers tend to write only about their business and themselves. This is not a bad idea but often it limits your blog content. Consider writing about things happening in your industry. People read blogs for information. You want to become a source for providing as much data as you can for followers. If you can establish yourself as an important industry source you will grow your audience big time. Write about new products in your industry, celebrities connected with your field and other timely and relevant facts that might interest them.

    Get personal

    Readers will become much more than just followers. Over time they will become friends. One of the best ways to connect and engage followers and prospective customers is to tell stories. You know everyone loves a story! Do you or one of your associates have an interesting hobby? Does your company take part in volunteer programs? Write personal accounts of these activities. Readers want to get to know you on a personal level just as much as on a business one.

    Invite guest bloggers

    Consider letting others guest post on your blog. This is a nice change of pace. Too much of you might get to be too much for some followers over time. You might let an associate write content on occasion. Or you might find an industry insider willing to contribute to your blog. For a real treat, find someone not connected to your industry and allow them to post blog content related to your field--but from a different perspective.

    Find sources for content

    Realize that you don't have the market cornered on interesting blog content. You may not always be fully up to speed on industry news and trends. There are easy ways to find fresh and relevant content for you blog. Use sites such a Google Alert to send you emails about search terms you enter. You can get up to the minute information on your industry. There are many online sites that specialize in giving you information about keywords, trends and happenings in your field. Use these to generate ideas for online content.

    Blog feedback

    When someone asks a question or makes a comment on your blog you have some great information at your fingertips. This is the ultimate in follower engagement! This interaction could provide you with ideas for a future post or even a range of blog postings. Follow any feedback you get closely and integrate this information into your blog.

    The Blog is Key

    You know your client's blog is essential to their business success. Keeping it fresh and relevant is vital in engaging current readers and grabbing new ones. Be creative with blog content and enjoy your client's continued prosperity.

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