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Global Content Marketing: 5 Winning Strategies

Given the broad reach of the Internet, almost any company needs to have a global content marketing strategy. However, while global business might be complicated, global content marketing doesn't have to be. Other than a few technical issues, content can be very similar as you go from place to place.

Here are five content marketing tips to keep in mind as you design your client's global strategy:

Tout le Monde Est le Même

A leaky faucet in Atlanta, Georgia probably needs the same thing as a leaky faucet in Tbilisi, Georgia -- a new washer. Babies in York and in New York both wear diapers, and cars and trucks in Kyoto and Kigali run on gasoline and diesel. The entire world watches the Super Bowl, as well.

While people are very much the same where ever you go, they don't speak the same language. If you were confused by a six-word heading in French, imagine how a French-speaking person feels when she encounters 600 words of English. With this in mind, while good content is frequently going to be good content anywhere, it need to be translated to be useful.

Create Highly Targeted "Niche" Content

The global market is large enough that you can add an additional step of specificity to your content. Instead of focusing on a niche, you can focus on a niche inside of a niche. You're not a graphic design firm, and you're not a logo design firm. Instead, you're a firm that designs logos for beverage companies.

Expanding your presence to serve the globe instead of the nation roughly quadruples the amount of business that you can do, and increases the number of eyeballs you can attract by a factor of 20. This means that you can be more focused and serve a more specific niche without shrinking your pool of prospects too much. Since research shows that people who have interests that fall towards the long tail of specificity are more likely to be motivated customers, you can turn this into an opportunity to convert more visitors into customers.

Treat Content As Your Business

If content marketing is a sideline for your business, the demands of the global market require you to give it more attention. Your business is providing your customers with products and services that help them serve their needs or desires. Successful global marketers look at their content as a product like any other one. While you might not need to go to the same extent as companies like Red Bull, the large global audience for your content justifies investing a little bit more into it.

Remember SEO....

While internationalizing your content is important, it's equally important to internationalize your search engine optimization processes. Having great content is meaningless if people can't find it. Furthermore, people in different countries may use different idioms to search for information and if you don't account for that, you could miss out on traffic. For instance, a truck driving school that expands to the UK won't get any traffic if it doesn't optimize its site for "lorry driver training" or "LGV driver training."

Video Trumps Text

The rule of thumb that applies to content creation for domestic audiences is even truer for international ones: video trumps text. It's easier for people to view on mobile devices, and search engines treat it more kindly. Video can also make sense even if the viewer doesn't understand the soundtrack. Many video sites, including YouTube, allow multiple caption files, letting you easily internationalize your content.

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