5 Tips For Email Marketing Content That Grabs Attention

    Writing email marketing content that grabs your prospects' attention is a finicky art. While email has been around for decades, the right ways to use it for marketing are still emerging. Here are five tips that can help your clients craft more effective emails that yields more clicks and, ultimately, more conversions:

    1. Do Your Research

    One of the challenges in writing email marketing content is that you have a different perspective on your product or service and on your industry than your audience. What you find interesting might not be what they find useful or worthwhile. With this in mind, do as much research as you can in the field before you start crafting topics. Knowing what their concerns and interests are lets you write the emails that they want to read, even if they aren't necessarily the ones that you want to write.

    2. Craft an Effective Subject Line

    No matter how good your email content is, you have 75 characters to sell it, at most. Some mobile mail readers may only display 40 or so characters. If your subject line doesn't convince the recipient to read the email, your content is, by default, ineffective. The best subject lines avoid cliched words like "free" or "act now" while also using words like "achieve," "improve" or "learn" that motivate the reader. If you can also provide a clear summary of what's in the email while also demonstrating the benefit of reading your email the prospect, you'll be even better off.

    3. Personalize Your Email Marketing Content

    While researching the general market is a part of personalizing your email marketing content, you can also go farther. Identifying the particular interests of the group to whom your emailing can help you write a more effective message. At the same time, using the personalization tools built into some email systems allows you to insert a reader's name or information on their past purchases into the message, making it even more personal and compelling.

    4. Tap a Trend

    One way to create attention-grabbing email marketing is to write messages that tap into current events. Doing this requires that you have knowledge of the industry and that you have a fast lead time, but if you can send a country music-themed email on the day of or the day after the Country Music Awards, or be ready to discuss your new app right after Apple launches a new iPhone, your readers are even more likely to be interested in your message and to engage with it.

    5. Responsive Design and Content

    While a subject line determines whether or not your message gets opened, your ability to create a responsive design determines whether or not the recipient can even read your email marketing content. Responsive design refers to the concept of creating content that automatically adjusts itself for different media. In addition to varying monitor and window sizes on desktop and laptop computers, your email also has to take into account users that view it on full size tablets, mini tablets, phablets and smartphones of varying sizes. Designing it to be attractive and correctly formatted on every screen size will help your content get read.

    You can be sure that your client's prospects are being inundated with email. However, prospects have also shown time and again that they are willing to read and engage with good email content. Following these five steps will help them to create email marketing content that speaks to their customers' needs. Doing this can help any company solidify its customer relationships and, ultimately, do more business.

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