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4 Reasons to Use Blog Writing Services

It happens to the best of us—overestimating our workload that is. Running a business or marketing a business takes a lot of work. Between strategizing, planning, and performing day-to-day operations, time becomes a precious commodity, one there is never enough of. Another thing we tend to romanticize is writing—a bestselling book, a memoir, and of course, our blog. However, there may be a good number of reasons to couch those thoughts—including the blog—when you already have numerous business and marketing things to attend to.

Do You Really Need a Blog?

In today’s world, the definitive answer for if you need a blog is yes. You could stop there, but it’s more convincing with a few facts and figures. For instance, those looking to rank higher for SEO have a much better chance by blogging. Why? Because websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages. On top of that, the same source states 61% of consumers made a purchase based on a blog post. If that still isn’t enough to convince you, here are a few stats gathered from Hubspot.

  • Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website
  • Marketers who prioritize blogging typically get 13x better ROI
  • Marketers who use blogs receive 67% percent more leads

How Blog Writing Services Help

Now that you’ve decided the blog is worth it, it’s time to assess what that means. Blogs do best when they are consistent, well written, and offer unique information that’s engaging--not an easy task when you have a million other tasks to do. That’s when you look at the reasons to use blog writing services.

You don’t have to come up with topics, titles, or content on your own.

It may sound easy to write all about your industry, but many blog writing services have people that understand the art of blogging. When you use these services, and depending on the level of service, they’ll gather information, research, help you develop a plan of action, and create topics and titles targeted to your audience. That’s not to say you can’t come up with the topics and titles on your own, but it means when you don't want to, you can hire someone to step in if you decide to expand your services.

You can get your blogs out on time.

Do you really want to sit down at the beginning of each day, week, or month and write your post(s)? Someone who isn’t a skilled writer who writes blogs day in and day out is going to take much longer to get that post done. Plus, if you don’t actually write it, it doesn’t get done. Blog writing services often have features that let you develop an editorial calendar and make sure you have your posts ready to go on time, so you can stay consistent for your followers.

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Your blog is more professional and is likely to get more traffic.

Nothing draws readers like really well-done content. When it’s polished, fits the brand, tone, and style, and targets the right audience, you are likely to see more traffic. Blog writing services also incorporate SEO, which can help get your site noticed. Users like consistency and unique and informative content. Sometimes it’s best to leave things to the experts, which also allows you to focus on the things you excel at.

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You can add other services to transform your blog from good to excellent.

Formatting and visuals are the last key components to an excellent blog. Blog writing services may have ala carte add-ons or full-service packages that include things like images, graphics, and formatting. Even better, the services might also extend to posting your blogs for you and promoting them on your social media channels.

By using blog writing services, you can save time (and the cost of that time), and get a polished blog that attracts your audience. It's a savvy move that can be very rewarding. To learn more, check out our white paper, "Top 10 Ways Blog Writing Services Can Help You Succeed."

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