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How to Know When You Need to Hire a Content Agency

In this day and age, there are many different marketing avenues for your small business to take advantage of. However, one of the most important and the most underestimated is content marketing. Content marketing is the practice of using content, like blogs, eBooks, infographics, etc., to help promote and sell your business.

These are useful in many different ways. They're used to increase lead generation, they help with your website's SEO and helping your website rank higher in search results, and they help to position your business as a thought leader in your industry. When you're giving out so much free content and tips for your customers, it makes them much more likely to want to pay you for your non-free products/services and become a loyal and returning customer.

The problem is that creating this type of content, and enough of it for your content marketing to be effective, can be time consuming. And when you have your business to run, it tends to fall to the back burner. This is when you need to start looking for an agency content solution, so that you can worry about your business while your content marketing agency takes care of your content creation.

Here are a few more ways to know when you need to hire a content agency.

1. You can't afford to hire a full-time marketing manager.

As a small business or a start up, you have limited funds and you need the most bang for your buck. This is why hiring a content agency solution can be the smartest way for you to get ahead in your content marketing without going bankrupt.

Agencies tend to offer lower monthly retainers than a full- or part-time employee, and the hiring process can be much less time consuming, meaning less overhead to hire them in the first place.

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2. You don't have the internal resources.

Even larger businesses sometimes don't have the internal marketing team to take the time to create this type of content. With internal meetings, other marketing ventures, and trade shows to attend, your marketing team might not have the time to focus on digital or content marketing with the level of attention it needs.

This is why it can be a great idea to hire a content agency, whose full time job is simply to create content for your business. They aren't associated with your organization and its other marketing meetings, so you don't have to worry about their time being wrapped up with other tasks.

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3. You're facing staffing challenges.

If your marketing manager has just put in their two weeks notice, is on maternity/paternity leave, or has just been let go for whatever reasons, you don't want your marketing to fall to the wayside along with them. The perfect solution can be to hire a content agency on a month-by-month or temporary basis until you can fulfill the position within your organization. Or, you might find that your agency content solution works better with your business than a full-time content marketer.

There are multiple reasons for your business to start looking into hiring a content agency. If you need help with your business blog, contact us today to learn how we can help. Or, learn more by checking out our white paper, "Content Writing Outsourcing vs. In-House Writers."

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