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Why You Can't Live Without Content Management

Many businesses that are just entering the online marketing world, or marketers that think they have everything under control, are often promptly overwhelmed by the amount of time and effort that goes into developing and maintaining the content within your online presence. And that's just if you are barely keeping your head above water in the digital realm. For those who are seeking success with their online marketing efforts, the investment is significantly more demanding in terms of time, money, and manpower.

Rather than trying to handle the task of managing your online content without a solid plan, you should start using effective content management strategies. Both small and large businesses can reap numerous benefits from a properly implemented content management program, not just those who have thousands of pieces of content scattered throughout the internet.

In fact, it is often a huge misconception that the only type of company with an online presence that is in need of effective content management strategies are those with:

  • a large volume of existing content
  • a steady stream of content to be published on a daily basis
  • a need for immediate publication (minutes and hours instead of days and weeks)
  • a large inventory of outdated content that needs to be retained for reference, legal, or business-related purposes

Even if none of those attributes describe your company, but you still plan to maintain an active, visible, and viable online presence to help move toward your business goals, you still need effective content management systems in place.

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What is the benefit of content management?

Without a way to manage, oversee, and manipulate your content - both that which has already been published and that which has a pending publication date - it is much more difficult for you to obtain, at a glance, an overview of what content is working and where it's working best.

You might have a few industry blog posts here and there, on your own blog or as a guest post. You likely have profiles and news feeds on several social media networks. Surely you have a website for your business, that probably includes a variety of stand-alone landing pages relating to specific offerings you are presenting to your audience.

Those are just a few of the pieces of online content that need to be managed, monitored, and maintained. How can you do that on your own, with no cohesive plan in place to track what you have, what's working, and what needs some revision to improve effectiveness?

In addition to basic functions like monitoring and managing, a well-designed and properly implemented content management plan or strategy can help you streamline your content to focus more successfully on reaching and attracting your target audience.

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Getting the attention of those who want or need what you are offering - be it a product, service, idea, or simply your business brand - is, after all, the main goal of the online marketing game.

Choosing the web content management strategy that is right for you, and implementing it the right way, can make a world of difference in the effectiveness and success of your online content. Not only will it be able to help you plan your content publication efforts in a more focused way, but it also allows you to track the performance of existing content, maintain content inventories, and support your overall marketing strategies in a more unified, proactive, and successful way.

To learn more, check out our white paper, "What is Content Marketing? And Why It Is So Important."

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