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How to Drive Traffic with an Article Marketing Service

While it’s often thought of as a low-quality strategy, article marketing can be an effective way to reach new customers. The key to using article marketing to your advantage is understanding the long-term benefits it provides.

Conversion Rates Aren’t the Whole Story

It’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t see the results you’re expecting from blog traffic. At times like these, it helps to keep the end strategy in mind.

Most people who come to your site to read articles are looking for information, not to buy something. This doesn’t mean, though, that these visitors won’t prove valuable down the road. When you start to see article marketing as a gateway to greater things, you’ll appreciate its value that much more. Just don’t get discouraged by initial low conversion rates.

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Sales Later, Data Capture Now

Since email marketing has a higher conversion rate than article marketing, think about ways to use them together.

  • How? Make sure the articles you produce are optimized to capture email addresses.
  • Why? Because once you have a reader’s email, you can engage with her or him repeatedly over time.

It requires patience – and producing a lot of articles – but this approach greatly increases the chance of converting readers to long-time paying customers.

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How an Article Marketing Service Can Help

It’s pretty simple: the internet runs on searches. People take to their favorite search engine (usually Google) and use words or phrases that help them find the help they need. Promoting for search helps get that information to them as easily as possible.

Article marketing can be a time-consuming process, especially the developing and writing of the articles themselves. Outsourcing article writing can be both time and cost efficient; you get a variety of writing styles to meet your marketing needs, but still maintain control over the process. You also get the benefit of working with writers who understand what it takes to get your content to rank.

Don't want to handle the distribution yourself? There are any number of article marketing services that can handle that task for you as well.

The Backlink Solution

Backlinks are a main part of your article content strategy. When generated from the right sources, they can give a site a huge jump in rankings. Remember, the payback will not necessarily be immediate; in fact, it can take a year or more to see solid results. The wait, though, can be well worth it.

It’s true that the changes to Google’s search algorithm have altered the backlink landscape. But they’re still an important component of SEO and can significantly affect rankings. Done right, backlinking is a strategy that increases the authority of a website which, in turn, begins to rank product pages for their relevant keywords. A winding road to conversion, to be sure, but one that’s been proven time and again to work.

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The Bottom Line

As you grapple with how to speak effectively with your audience, an article marketing service can be a useful tool in helping achieve your overall marketing goals. It can aid in improving the overall value of a website, boost keyword rankings, and provide quality backlinks from trust authorities. Remember, earning a backlink is generally more difficult than building one, but the opportunity it brings for attracting new customers is well worth your time and effort. To learn more, check out our white paper, "Using Auditions to Find the Best Freelance Content Writers."

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