4 Tips For Crafting Sharable Social Content

    It feels wonderful to see that people are reading your content. But it’s an even bigger kick when you find out they are sharing it. This translates into more eyes and more prospective customers. Here are some ways to increase the “shareability” of your social media copywriting above and beyond ensuring relevancy.

    Make It Easy

    You have this great content; don’t hide the share buttons! If you have particular social media networks in mind, customize the share button and make it prominent. Do you get better results from Facebook shares? Make that button front and center, easily found and clicked.

    Share buttons make it easy for your users to send along content that is relevant to them and likely to their friends and colleagues. The more steps it takes to do something the fewer people do it. With share buttons, as opposed to copying your link into an email or posting, there is very little obstructing the user from sharing.

    Use Images

    Especially with the growth of sites like Pinterest, images are some of the most shareable social media copywriting out there. Place images at the head of your content to catch the eye and kick start that emotional need to show friends. Infographics are another major component that makes that sharing feeling pop right into being.

    Again, relevance is important. You want to have your content and your business perceived in a particular way. Don’t succumb to the urge to use just any image you find attractive or that you think will cause people to click the Google+ button. Make sure the images represent you as you want to be seen.

    Ask for the Share

    Don’t be afraid to ask your readers to pass along your content. At the bottom of each blog post remind them to use the social media sharing buttons you provide. In Twitter postings leave room to ask for a ReTweet (RT). If you post to Linked In, put your content into the narrower niche of a group. The right content will get shared with similar groups by members, increasing your exposure.

    Be Classy

    This goes along with not succumbing to just any content or image you think will make an impression. You want it to make the right impression, both about you and the person sharing your content. Social media is not private; your readers have a reputation or image of their own to worry about. They won’t share anything that doesn’t fit in. If it makes them look good, they’ll make you look good.

    These four social media copywriting tips will help you spread the word about your products and services not because your business is so great but because you help others learn and share new information to help them and their followers solve problems.

    One last word: don’t forget to measure your success. Like all marketing, you need to know what is working and fix what isn’t.

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