Web Content Development And Marketing Strategy

    In today's real-time marketing environment, information travels at the speed of light and people are finding the sites they’re looking for faster than you can say “Google Instant”. One thing that makes this possible (other than fabulous technology, of course) is the power of content.

    Web Content Development

    It has become an integral part of online marketing strategy for your clients' businesses, because content is where the money’s at. It’s what gets them found, keeps people at their sites, and converts these visitors into paying customers. It’s not the only thing, but it’s the big thing.

    And it works best when it’s part of your clients' marketing plan from the beginning. Web content development is influenced by goals and objectives, the time frame, the target audience, etc. So, when you hire content marketing copywriters to create website content, you should already have a clear idea of what your clients want their content to do for them.

    Here’s a rough plan:

    1. Lay down goals and objectives with timelines
    2. Research content ideas and the forms that the content will take
    3. Work with the writer(s) to develop SEO content and schedule the launch date(s)
    4. Get the word out on social media, website, press releases, company blog etc.
    5. Analyze results on a regular basis

    A skilled SEO copywriter can produce content that gets your clients found. But, the groundwork needs to be laid in order for the writer’s efforts to be effective. Product knowledge, research, keyword analysis and a clear timeline are all necessary for success with web content development.

    Web Marketing Strategy

    Your marketing strategy works hand in hand with your web content development process to ensure that your clients' content reaches the target audience through many communication platforms. The best way to score with content? Keep it relevant to the customer’s interests. Meet the needs of the target audience. Speak to their pain points. Listen when the buyers are talking (i.e. what are they saying in forums and blog comments) about the products or services. Capture that information and apply it to the content development strategy.

    And the copywriter? His or her job is to take the content development plan and use it to facilitate your clients' online marketing strategy. This keeps business relationships alive and growing by engaging customers and convincing them that your clients have the answers they need.

    The relationship between your clients' web content development plan and your marketing strategy is kind of symbiotic—each depends upon the other for success. So chart out your course first, and then find the writer or writers who can turn your vision into a reality.

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