Agency Touchpoint July 2012: Content Marketing Campaign Support

    Managing content marketing within your agency can feel like you’re running a political campaign: long, strenuous and always striving to maintain your platform.

    The main question to ask yourself is: are you delivering the right messages to the right audiences?

    Content marketing must be prioritized on your agency’s agenda, but with so much work at hand, your content strategy can sometimes be rushed, mismanaged or even dismissed.

    The following articles have our vote for their valuable tips on creating, managing and delivering quality content for your agency and client campaigns.

    The Recipe For Marketing Success Is A Good Content Mix

    Content can drive interest from potential customers, but according to Marianne Pratt, it’s the mix and placement of content that are crucial to success. Pratt demonstrates that whatever the content or outlet, the end goal of for your agency is to transform leads into customers, and the right mix of content can help you do just that. Check out the full post.

    7 Stages of the Content Hourglass

    This post by John Jantsch (@ducttape) offers valuable ideas for any agency or business on how to organize content creation, strategizing content output in a specific way that is attractive to potential customers. He uses an hourglass to metaphorically organize a content plan. Visit the full post to read about the types of content that work at each stage.

    10 Effective Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers

    Copyblogger CEO Brian Clark (@copyblogger) offers ten tips to win more blog subscribers, going beyond your blog to take advantage of other sources, like ebooks, podcasts, guest blogging and open forums. He reminds readers that networking is still an effective tactic. For more helpful tips, visit the full post.

    10 Content Commandments for Agencies

    Safeguard your agency and anticipate content mistakes by following these pivotal writing guidelines, published on Marketing Agency Insider by Jessica Donlon (@jessicadonlon). These commandments can save agency time by minimizing mistakes, and can even contribute to a heightened level of content credibility. To read the 10 Content Commandments, visit the full post.

    5 Reasons Why Content Marketing is No Buzzword

    Still on the fence when it comes to integrating content in your agency’s capabilities? On the Junta42 blog, author Joe Pulizzi (@juntajoe), concludes that content marketing is not an industry buzzword.

    He uses five points to argue the validity of content marketing as a critical asset to the marketing industry, calling out that content marketing is a century-old term, and with time and experience, the trade has evolved. Not convinced? Visit the full post for details, infographics and a slideshow.

    Building Client Content Editorial Calendars

    Tracy DiMarino (@TracyDiMarino) shares how agencies can create valuable client content calendars on Marketing Agency Insider. DiMarino outlines the benefits of the calendar, including more transparent roles between agencies and clients, and meaningful content production.

    The author also highlights key elements to consider, such as editorial budget, keywords and distribution plans. You can use the same techniques to manage your agency’s content strategy. For more insight, visit the full post.

    Graphic of the Month:

    21 Types of Content We Crave

    This month’s graphic reminds us that great content must appeal to the reader. The author, Scott Aughtmon (@rampbusinesses), reveals 21 key ideas that can help agencies spot valuable content – the kind that will keep readers coming back and organically build your brand – as well as what to look for from your writers.

    View the graphic on Content Marketing Institute in its entirety.

    If there are any important articles that we’ve missed, please share in our comments.

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